Happy Halloween

(Gimble) #1


(blengine) #2

wow that pic rocks! great textures! happy hallows to u too!

(malefico) #3

Well done Gimble ! looks like you solved the UV problem… :smiley:



(BgDM) #4

Excellent texture work! I am sure that the UV’s on that shark were a pain in the rear :wink:

Only crit I have is that the water around both the shark and the devil is very calm. Should have more turbulence near each character.

Overall excellent work!


(Gimble) #5

Thanks for the replies people. Very much appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’m just starting to figure out texturing.
To tell the truth, I was hoping to corner you in #blenderchat and talk you into texturing the shark for me, but I haven’t seen you there lately.
I guess that’s what they call tuff luv :-?

Thanks. Starting to figure things out. Still a long ways to go to come even close to matching your work though…

Thanks to you too.
Yes, that was on my ToDo list - it does look rather static yet…
Actually the UV work on the shark was very simple. I took a side picture of the shark in Blender using Ctrl_F3. Imported it into a paint program, and then just made a selection, filled with a texture color, and then pasted it from Window in the UV editor back in Blender.
The only problem I had was that I had to ‘drop’ the yellow texture below the Shark’s side fins to avoid getting the tops of the fins yellow. Not sure how to avoid this. I was thinking maybe a bit more work selecting faces, but then how to ensure no ‘breaks’ in the texture where the selected/unselected faces meet up. ( I hope that made sense :wink: )

I guess I posted a little early, there was still a few tweaks I wanted to make:

  • Add a wave in front of the shark,

  • Add ripples underneath the Halloween pails,

  • Tweak the Shark’s top fin a bit more,

  • Add mist (maybe… I can never get good results), and

  • Fix the small artifacts on the lower left edge of the picture. Not sure what is causing it - must be the envmap for the water. It showed up in an earlier rendering - http://www.telusplanet.net/public/megadv/gallery/pumpkyn_shark_old.jpg (just left of the red devil costume kid’s bucket - there is a single white pixel on the edge) I fixed it by rotating the camera 1 degree to the right.

  • Oh, and maybe tweak the water a bit more - add foam and such…

A few more images for anyone who read this far :wink:


(theeth) #6

that’s a really cool pic!

don’t have much suggestion to add, but a little refraction would be nice.

PS: are you going to enter On The Haunt?

(Gimble) #7

Thanks theeth. Yes refraction would be nice :slight_smile:

Yes, I entered it earlier today and I see it’s posted now. Just waiting to see your entry. Looks like some really nice entries again this year. Guess I’ll have to start earlier and work harder next year :wink: