Happy Halloween

Hello everyone, I posted a uncompleted version of this game a while ago on a different topic, now it is still unfinished but almost done.I posted it here just to get everyone into the mood of halloween, I hope you enjoy.

Warning, contains blood , may not be suitable for all viewers.


Heres a little walkthrough, please only read this after you’ve tryed the game out or are stuck in a certain area.Don’t forget to turn your sound on :stuck_out_tongue:

Death Site:You start off by talking to the first cop and continuing on into the next room.After you go near the window walk back into the main room (press E to view the picture on the floor) and out the door until you switch scenes

Car chase: Now you’ll see a small clip of you getting into the car to report to the police station and the evil officer coming to get you.Play until you crash into something, or let the police guy chase you around for a bit.

Hospital: I didn’t finish the talking bits, and I probobly never will but just press 3 to continue on or otherwise be very confused.It will switch scenes to a guy going to place a sleeper on you (evil officer).When you wake up, he’ll kill the good police officer with his invisible gun %|

Escape: run down the corridor (not where the police officer is, if you go to near him, he’ll kill you) then turn left past the wood, and into the closet, your character will shut it automatically until the evil officer turns away.When he does, nows your chance, run out of the closet, turn right, and into the corrider, careful not to step on blood, or he’ll hear you, and kill you.

There will be doors there in the complete version :slight_smile:

No offense, but that cutscene was hilarious!!!

“Why are you doing this?”
“Because I want to.”


Ahem… anyway, I think it could make a good game, just needs work.

Bravo :o

Well this is quite the odd game. I’m guessing a text-to-speech program for the voices which makes the diolouge even funnier. This could definatly make a good game but it definatly needs some work.

Hah, I didn’t realise how funny it was until you pointed that out :smiley:

Well, im glad you figured it out that it was a text-to-speech program. All of my friends asked me who did the voices :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a good start, but like the others said, it does need work… Keep up the good work!

The movement of the character is very slow, it took ages to go anywhere and it was physically impossible to run away from the red-eyed cop.

Can you fix that please?

The camera lens was a bit strange and the movements are slow. But that cutscene was just so funny :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway its a fun game

Well, I didn’t have a problem with slow camera movement, I made it in 3.27 so maybe it’s because your using a older version :-? although try enabling all frames, that will increase overspeed I think 8) If all else fails, just press the up arrow lots of times :wink: or select the camera (actually the viewer) in each scene and change the property maxspeed from a 8.000 to a higher number (like 11.000).

I had no problem with speed either. points to new signature