Happy Halloween!

I just finished my first Blender project. Thanks to Ton and the Blender community for making it all possible.

It’s on the main page of my website. Enjoy!


Edit: The site is back up again. Hopefully for good this time. Sorry for the inconvenience.

nice, but incredibly small.

Its your first blender project?? it amazing for a first with blender, have you used 3d before?

Sorry about the size but I have limited bandwidth. It does look way better full sized, but I’m too tired to explore any other options today.
I directed episodes of Monster by Mistake for two seasons, but this is my first character that I’ve modelled and animated myself. I usually did 2D animation on commercials foer many years.

This Halloween clip was just a quick way to get something done, as I have more complex plans for the character in the future and didn’t want to wait. It all takes so much time.

Not too bad. Short, but good.

And, btw, my son loves watching “Monster by Misatke”. Great show.

Where are you in Canada?


MBM was a lot of fun to do. The whole crew was in the same room. That’s the best way to work. It was a great team. I live near Hamilton & Burlington now, which is not far from Toronto.

:frowning: I can’t seem to find the blender one you’re talking about.

I may have exceeded my monthly allowance, although last time i tried it, I was able to access everything.

I’m in the process of ugrading my hosting package anyway, so it should be up and running within 24 hours if you find any difficulties right now. I’ll announce it.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Nah, it’s probably just me not knowing where to click. I’m on dialup normally, though I don’t mind wgetting for an animation if I think it’s going to be alright.

btw: I’m in New Zealand. I remember your NZ Post advert from years back. Really impressive “how did they do that?” ad. Great work.

My site is really down now. I’ve contacted the hosting company. Sorry about the delay - I thought it was all reloaded last night! I’m really disappointed! :frowning:

I’ll announce when the site is back up for real!

Lancer: Thanks, I don’t usually run into anyone who has seen that
NZ Post spot. It was a favorite of mine. I designed the character (animated it too) and the stamp, which was printed by the post office as a sheet of stamps for the live action shoot I directed of the hand placing it on the envelope. I believe we keyed the animation in over top of it in some scenes. It was a long time ago so the memory isn’t the greatest.
I don’t know who did the 3D logo in the end. That was supplied by the agency. 3D was not too common in the 80’s except for that sort of work.

I spent a week in the nort island of NZ. It was a great place to visit, especially the northern part. I haven’t been to that part of the world since 92 when I last spent time in Sydney. Which part of NZ are you from?


In case anyone missed the edit at the top, my website is back online and seems stable now - even a bit faster. I don’t anticipate any more problems with the site. Apologies for the problems over the weekend. I’ve been away a lot! :slight_smile:

By the way, I found an easy approach to opening the coffin lid by creating shape keys for the lid and animating it open with a slider. It’s very simple and fast to animate using autokeys. All the facial animation was also done with shape keys. I ended up manually keying in the lipsync with the sliders and scrubbing the track. (Instead of using the BlenderLipSynchro script)
It was the most reliable solution.

This project has aspects I’m not totally happy with, but It’s time to move on and learn from the next one. Thanks for stopping by. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions if I can help.


A very fun animation. I love it
happy halloween