Happy hippo

I placed an animation of a happy hippo, playing soccer, both on YouTube and Vimeo.

It does not really have much of a story, but I tried to portray a animated caricature, since I have only animated relatively realistic characters up to now.

C&C are welcome.

Here are some preview pics too:

(PS: I posted this under Focused Critique too, since I also want feedback on the character)

I already posted on this on focused critique :mad: Still good though :smiley:

heyya - nicely done AnyMation - i think the whole vid is great with your body movement/facial expressions. I like the hippo with a soccer ball concept too

Great Work Its looking real something like that I see in TV Serial.

u done a great job, i liked watching it a lot.

I like your character. I don’t feel the animation was dynamic enough, I didn’t see alot of secondary motion and follow through. Also, the life of every character is in the eyes, so care must be taken to move them quickly and to blink. Other than that, you are on the road to success.