Happy Holidays to all you 'ol time "Blenderheads"...

Hey all you old Blenderheads… thought I’d stop by and wish you guys a great new year and Happy Holidays to you all!!!

Been 4ever since I’ve been in this neck of the web… Blender still amazes me of it’s support and contributions by the community…

Hey Ton, [email protected], Reevan and the rest of you “big dogs”… Have a great new year… !!!

Your long time friend and fellow Blenderhead…


Hi there, long time no see!

Happy Holidays to you too!


Merry Christmas:)
And a happy new year:)

Thanks man – that is if I qualify as “olde time”.

Same back to you!

harkyman - You definitely qualify as “olde time” :stuck_out_tongue:

But I guess that qualifies me as well. :yes:

So yes indeed, happy holidays all.


happy friday sysadm.


Happy Holidays SysAdm.


Happy Holidays!

if I know you, does that make me old?

Well, I don’t know if a couple years counts as old time, and I’m not uber active either. But thanks all the same. And to the rest of you as well!

Have a good year. Good to see your still checking in.

Cheers for the disc. Freaked me out. Strange parcel from the USofA. Had to open it with me arms streched head turned away, and eyes closed. Could have been worse, could have been the guinea pig.
Have a good christmas.
Cheers every one

ps-(for later} aka Bogey and Bogey61

so does this exclude me?

no guinie pigs were harmed in the production.

and they said that they would be happy if any one would like to use there images in any other way within reason.

yes ill tell them,


HEY and Merry Christmas to all of you leftover Blenderheads from the old blender.nl days (notice how our join dates are March 2002 when the original Blender forums were shut down and we needed a place to hang out…). It is great to see you check in Sys…

Hey, SysAdm!

Happy holidays to you!