Happy Holidays!

I took a break from my face modeling project and decided to do this special scene for y’all.

That looks very nice, everything is great but I think that you should give the entire image the same kind of glow as the falling snow, to make it have a more “magical” sort of appearance.

Very nice work.


Mmm… I don’t think I’ll rework on that scene, but if I do, I’ll keep that in mind. :smiley: Thank you.

Happy holidays to you too! (and may you find many computer goodies under the tree).


Thanx! Thats my 1st chrismas holiday wish at all!

Warm mood in a cold surrounding!

Thank you both. :slight_smile:

so pleasing to th eyes :slight_smile:

It just goes to show how crap I am at lighting.

Its so soft and pleaseing on my eyes, I love the soft blue of the snowman man. :smiley:

Lol… I dont think you’re that crap at lighting :stuck_out_tongue: You just need to put some mood in it… that’s what I did with different colors.

good job, i like it, just curiouse, is the house really small or the snow man just really big? like everyone else said, excellent job on lighting. I’ll have to get started on my christmas card soon, i think we should start a christmas thread, and try to gett all users to post a christmas(or other religiouse celebebration) card

From the way I’m looking at it the house is set more in the back though I do agree it could be slightly larger.

The streak of light (perhaps the blur from santa’s sleigh) shouldn’t have a shadow. The light is a residual of a long exposure the shadow however wouldn’t show up for a few reasons.

1 the shadow would mean the light is greater then the auclusion of the sleigh. It’s a under the brightness of the sleigh.

2 it’s a residual effect. It would be greatly dimished to not be recognisable as a shadow. What your seeing in the streak is a long exposure the shadow would be very momentary and quite blured.

It’s a very artistic image though. Would make a good christmas card.


Yes I agreee that house should be sightly bigger. Originally, the snowman was way bigger than house then I realized that it wasn’t right so I scaled it down so it appears to be in “connection” with the house. Bigger house would improve everything overall… that’s for sure.

I know that the emitting material from text and the curving line shouldn’t cast shadows, but I didn’t want to light up my scene more than necessary and I kept shadows for a sense of depth and partially for style.

Keep in mind, I only used like 2 to 3 hours modelling and rendering the whole scene. :slight_smile: I’ll go back and rework on house scale and test emitting light part as well.

Thank you all very much. :smiley:

That’s some nice work. The only thing that bothers me it the snow. It looks a little too much like halos IMHO. Could use a snowflake texture, perhaps.

Of course, um. Yes, it is in finished works, so I guess I should just say:

Great work and merry Christmas! :smiley: