Happy July 4th!

Just wishing everyone a happy 4th of July, the day of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence in the United States! :slight_smile:

And a happy Tuesday the 4th for everyone else, as well!

BBQs at the ready.


Agreed, happy Independence Day, everyone!:slight_smile:

DOn’t blow off your hands! Happy 4th!

Yay… fireworks… loud noises. Merry July fourth everyone! Who wants hotdogs?


Yes, Happy 4th.

And just think, if we hadn’t eventually made up with the British, there would be no 3DWorld Magazine here. Excellent foresight on somebody’s part. :slight_smile:

Bottle Rockets, Bottle Rockets and more Bottle Rockets.

Happy 4th of july everyone.

Not that it effects me in any way but I’ll go along.
Happy 4th of july

You beat me to it, Laurifer…


Yay, baked beans, hotdogs, a pool and a nice book.

Bottle rockets are illegal in my state, also, in our city, we can’t shoot fireworks that go up and out over 6 feet. But who cares everyone in the neighborhood and the surrounding neighborhoods break the law anyway. All we do is buy fireworks in the surrounding towns.

I believe they made bottle rockets illegal when one of them destroyed a Salvation army store.

I love fireworks, they are all works of art. The only bad thing about em (besides the potential they have to destroy things) is that you have to clean up the morning after with a hangover. (if you drink that is) But i wont be popping any fireworks this year because ironicly im working at a fireworks stand and i cant pop any within 300 feet of the stand = (


On a similar topic: The shuttle went up, I knew that theyd go up on the Fourth! So now all you Germans can celebrate too! Send up some fireworks. Now for the checklist for an unsafe July Forth:
Hotdogs-Unknow… I don’t cook


I always thought it was weird that in PA they have fireworks shops, like Phantom. They can sell the fireworks, but not to residents of PA… It’s a tourist thing I guess. :confused:

Just moved to NY a week and a half ago (from NJ) and I’m not sure about the laws here. Saw some guys shooting them off the other day, but who knows.


Happy Birthday, USA.
Greetings to my worldwide friends.

From Mississippi,

That’s the US for you…they celebrate a holiday by blowing stuff up.

They blow stuff, that is build to be blown for fun.

Happy 4th of July to all of you.

Not after Italy’s 2 goals…

Oh, I can…
It’s alot more quiet around here now. At the moment, I’m preparing for exams and if they would have won this one, I could forget about that for at least another 3 hours.

However, it is nice to know, the shuttle took of without problems, thats really a thing to celebrate a bit.

Of course, here’s a good one:

3.3mil fire crackers.

Hell yeah. God Bless America!