Happy (late) Hanukka

There’s been a lot of christmas images posted here, so I thought I’d do something for Honukka. Actually, that’s not true, I just wanted to model a minora for no real reason :slight_smile:


I still have to add the candles then texture it, after that I’ll be changing the lighting.

as usuall C&C welcome.

it looks cool, but it is correct that there are those dents in the outer edge?

The dents in the lower part of the outer curve was in the reference pic I used. That particular piece, I admit though, is not as smooth as I’d like.

Here’s an update. This is the point where I could really use some feedback. :slight_smile:


I haven’t finished texturing everything. I placed a dim light (energy: 0.27) over every candle, plus a fill light. I’m not sure whether I should model the candle flames or use a particle.

again, C&C welcome.

maybe make the base part (not the base that touches the table, the cresent base that holds the candles) a little thicker. it just seems a bit odd where the spheres on the columns that hold the candles are much bigger than what they are connected to.

another update. I finished the textures. Next I’ll be adding some melting wax. wicks, and flames.


still not sure how I’m going to do the flames, any suggestions?

I celebrate the holiday too. Hmm as for your set up, It looks like its nailled to some slanted floor. I would fix the angle of the floor or camera angle, and use Ray traced shadows. The candle wax could benefit from the make human SSSS Script. Also the fire can be made with particles that have a halo material assigned to them with a procedural texture map for color variation. You might want to use 6 samples of Ambient Occulison as well. And for the fire you might want to raise its emittance level.

thnx for the feedback. I was a little iffy on the camera angle myself, I’m glad someone agrees with that. Thnx for the heads up on the AO, I tend to ignore it. With the candles, those are just the basic shape, I’m currently adding some meta balls to give them that dribbly look.

again, thnx for the advice :slight_smile:

Here’s the new camera angle, and I added some AO (it made my shadows blue for some reason). I’m still working on the candles.


well i sure am glad to see some sweet jewish stuff up here :smiley: but i got a few crits as far as i no a kosher minora the mideal candle holder is actuly taller then the other 8 and Hanukka is not over for antoher 7 days it started sunday evening and last 8 days :smiley:

OK, ya caught me, I’ve never actually celebrated hanukka, which is part of the challenge of this project - i.e. to model something i know little about. I knew about the middle candle, it just happens that the reference pic I used had them all even. As for the date, I could’ve done my homework a little more, but it wasn’t necessary for the image.

Everyone has been very helpful. When this is finished, if it’s done by Friday, It will be going into my portfolio. I have another update. I know it needs a lot of work yet, but comments are still welcome :slight_smile:


Alrighty huge fundamental mistake in your menorah. There are 9 candle holders. This is extremely important since there are 8 days of Hannukah. Also all of the candle holders are even except for the center one which is higher. This can vary, but the center one must be much higher than the others. This is called the Shamash, which is used to light the others.

bugger. That means a complete rework. I copied the reference pic almost exactly. I just got a bad reference pic. I don’t want this to be inaccurate, so I probably won’t get it done by friday like I hoped. Oh well

I changed my mind. After talking to some friends I realised that the main purpose of a portfolio is to show off my work and not my knowledge of honukkah. So it is going in my portfolio. And hay, at least I got the dradle right :slight_smile: . Anyway, here’s the final render and postpro.


Thnx everyone for the input.

7 candles instead of 9? Ok, I read the thread and saw that it was mentioned before. But if there are 8 days, why are there 9 candles?

the 9th candel in the mideal is whats like a servant candel witch is used to light the other 8 and that is its only reson for being there

hehe servent candle :slight_smile: it’s calld “shamsh” and you don’t have to lit the other candles with it. the idea is that the 8 candles are holy and you can’t use them for anything. the “shamah” is there to serve you - it’s the only candle that you can use.
nice menorah btw.

So, if you read a book by “candle light” (via Mandurah), or replace a blown fuse in a dark basement, it is then considered using them in an unholy way, except for that extra one?

pritty much