Happy lunar new year! - 2nd short animation

New year has come! Wish you luck, health and happiness! :smiley:

happy joy
and welcome to the monkey :smiley:

Pretty Good.

An animator! Nice!

Been longing for a comment for a longg time. Short but I’m still grateful!


I like it, the character is fun - did you model as well as animate it? The animation is nice and fluid too, I like how he jumps back and waves at the end. You can be proud of this animation, so add some credits! I’ve been working on some animations, so I’m always interested questions like, how long to render per frame (on average)? Or, do you have any techniques to speed up your workflow for animating or rendering? When I have something near this quality, I’ll post it here! :slight_smile:

Oh dear. Forgot to give credits to the guy. The character was taken from blendswap! Sorry! Gonna do it.
I rendered with blend render so it was pretty fast ~ 6-8s/frame. I had no techniques to enhance the process, sorry. One tip, though. If you have to render with cycles and GPU engine, turn off motion blur because it’d slow the render process considerably. Motion blur would take away the advantage of GPU engine. Just a tip. Hope it’s helpful to you :slight_smile:

Ah here it is. The model belongs to danatri!

It is a nice model but the rig is horrible, I must say. I have done tons of counter-animations out of this rig.
Grateful for the model, though :smiley: