Happy - New Logic Bricks

Hello to all,
like Mr. Pharrell, I’m so happy that I want to share it with you!
There’s some new Logic Bricks arriving ( great), and specially, after all these years, a “Show/Hide Mouse cursor” one.
You can read more here:

Apparently there’s some new? developers that care about Blender’s Game Engine “originality”.
Nice people.
Thank you very much!

I am personally really excited to try out the fixed “apply impulse” :smiley:

These are some nice improvements. My favourite is the new evaluation types!

I think ways of organizing Logic Bricks are required before I ever go back to them – Grouping, colour coding and logic brick functions etc. would be insane!

Also, if I ever see a “Vision” sensor (basically a radar + ray sensor), I think I might just have a heart attack.

Good work to the BGE team!

This is outrageous! For years I have been working on my mouselook-script and now they give us an actuator for it! Shame on them!
(Just joking, wonderful thing ;))

Just note that existing uses of it in your games will appear broken because you need to update it to take the new behavior into account.

Anyway, this is the most stuff the BGE has seen for a new release in a while, the new brick possibilities will be good with some stuff for more advanced users as well.