Happy new year animation ! (2013 vid')

Hi blendies !

It’s a blender animated and blender composited video I made to send my best wishes.

A screenshot of blender. You can see that GLSL preview looks like renders

Every element is alpha-textured planes. Textures are made in photoshop, all based on the same Cgtexture metal picture.

I use 3 mains renderLayers (foreground, focus plane, background) and 2 others for VFX (Smoke and confettis)
The main render layers are each VectorBlured and bokehBlured and composited in node Editor.
Smokes are real smoke video that I used as movieTextures on planes and confetti are a simple particule system.

Animation is hand-made, sometime with constraints, sometime not.

There is also a french version on my website http://www.bjobernis.fr/2013/01/bonne-annee-2013/#Blog

it’s really good.
thank’s for sharing Bjo :slight_smile:

This. I’m not one for motion graphics normally, but this really impressed me. I really like the camera work, and I especially like how everything is always moving, just like a gear system or a factory. Great job, and thank you for sharing this with us!

Wow enjoyed alot…its really good. Thanx…

wow its good thanx for sharing…

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