Happy New Year ! (animation)


Hi this is my first try at animation in blender. Please tell me what you think.



MP4 version (4.8 MB)
Xvid version (5.0 MB)
YouTube online version

Thanks. jaha.

PS: and of course All the best in New Year :smiley:

All I got was a black screen with your watermarks.

hmm… strange.:confused:
I downloaded it and in VLC player it plays correctly.
At begining there is a black screen for 1 sec .then video start.
What videoplayer do you use??

Anyway i uploaded a xvid version link is in first post. Hope this will work for you.

I also did a Happy New Year message in Blender with a Tux penguin (speaked in spanish), but the yours humillated the mine :frowning:



(Happy New Year 2007 for everyone!)

Happy new year!!!
cute vid

I can’t watch it, could you put it on youtube?

[Edit] Both links go to the .MP4 version, the second should go to the Xvid.

oh… sorry I added xvid version, but i forgotten to change link:o now it should works ok.

I added a youtube version too at the first post

Hapy New Year lubrio :smiley:
I like your tux. He has cute expresion on his face. One thing I bit missing in your video is snow.:slight_smile:

super Nice Jaha! really like it :smiley: :smiley: How did you do that blur/kamera lens kind of thing, in the start?

Thanks you Jaha! There is not snow in my animation because the photo in the background is from my city, Caracas, and here we haven’t snow :slight_smile: But I love your animation, it’s funny :smiley:

Hey Jaha,

Happy New Year :slight_smile:

Cute animation, and neat effects, though you could have “pushed” things a bit further to make it funnier. (IMO)

  • There isn’t blackened “ash” on his face or eyes (How did you get the “ash” on his chest ? … and it would look more “cartoony” if he was covered with ash, with maybe just his eyes showing. Don’t know how hard that would be, personally I have no idea how to do it :slight_smile:

  • The explosion would be better if it lasted longer i.e. is was a huge fireball :slight_smile:

The penguin’s animation could be improved :

  • his eyes never move

  • his body turns perfectly horizontally like a mechanical robot, it should also rotate downwards as it turns to the side, and upwards as it turns back, like a head turn

  • The squash and stretch when the rocket is lit is cute, some foot movement would have been good.

  • The match / fuse/ smoke from the rocket are GREAT, I’d love to find out how to do that … it would have been nice to see some sparklies / flames coming out after the rocket is lit.

My crit’s are all from an “audience member”, I don’t know how to do any of what you did, or how hard it would be to add the suggestions I made. You have some great effects in there, any chance of a tutorial or maybe seeing the .blend file ?


relax, its his first animation…

I did use VLC, maybe I gave up to early or somthing.

Thanks for the replies

thanks. The blur in the start is just eeshlo’s amazing defocus node (available in the 2.43RC1) with keyed “DoF Dist” value

Hi Mike! Thank you for your deep analysis of my movie :D. I agree with most you written.Finaly when rendering was finished I watched it and I found lot of things that can be done better and I wasn’t been satisfied with the anmation, but I didn’t have time to rework it and it’s my first animation, and… :rolleyes:

Thank’s. I don’t know exactly what effects are you mean. I don’t think there is something unique that wasn’t mentioned in the existing blender tutorials, and I can’t imagine how to write a understandable tutorial with my horrible english. But I sent you a link to a source .blend file by PM, hope it will help you understand how I made that “effects”. :wink:


lol that was great… good job man some of the best work ive seen for awhile.

Jaha very good animation, saw it on yotube. Nice detail on the firecracker and a very nice Penguin.

The only one minor point, your Penguin needs is a blink somewhere before the bang to make him more alive. A fast blink is 4 frames, and normal blink is 6-8 frames.

Lubrio very nice work as well, top Penguin. Again a minor thing, add a blink to make him seem more alive. Lip sync is very good, but add a tongue if you can.

And Lubrio download Audacity sound program to pitch up your voice. It’s very easy in Audacity, record your voice as per normal, select it, and then pitch it up a few octaves.

I can’t wait to see you guys next animation.:slight_smile:

Thanks you Ozzo! In effect I used Audacity to pitch up the voice, but I should pitch it up a bit more. And about the tongue, it would be a great addition… I just saw in “Happy Feet” how the animators used the tongue to give a great enhancement to the penguins’ lip sync.