Happy new year

33 minutes …

Well I’m spending New Years alone.

(That’s me with a tear comeing down)

Nah, I really just view this Holliday as any other. I try my hardest not to celebrate Christmas too (Christians start throwing stones).

Why should we throw stones? Then you’ll be even more unhappy. We wouldn’t want that.

Anyway… HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! It’s 2007 :smiley:

I launched some good fireworks :smiley:

I ate pie and started a really awesome book.

YAY! Whooptie doo… wahoo… not really, im all alone:( but, i usually play games on new years so…yay… i guess!!!

I knowz how ya feelz tarkatatatatatata14. Blue smiley > :frowning: <

it’s been 20 min of 2007 here!

Happy Ewe Ear.

2007 started for me spending time in bed with flu.

Happy new year!!

2007 started for me watching the fireworks show outside when it was snowing. Actually it was a mix of snow and rain. Anyway. 2007 started kinda wet for me :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, what’s so special about the beginninng of a new year? Nothing in my opinion.
just one more year closer to death. One year less time to do things that you’ve always wanted to do. Man, I know how to bring myself down :frowning:

I look at it in this way, blenderist: 365 more days for me to enjoy life :slight_smile:
The way you look at things makes all the difference. Happy New Year everyone (though I’m 16 hours and 42 minutes in 2007 already)!!! :smiley:

Happy New Year! Im 11 hours in…


  1. Get A Life(yeah right) :wink:
  2. Get A Job
  3. Get a Girl
  4. Get a CD out(Indy label)

thank you, looking forward to another year to f*** up!

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Hey! watch your language mister…nah im jus playin…Happy New Year 2007

Do them in this order: first get a life, so you are capable of producing music with some value. Once you are able to produce music, become a musician (your job). Get your first CD out. After your CD is out, you’ll tour and get to sleep with the groupies and staff.
Simple, huh? :wink:


That was Emo Cat.

Just Kidding, look on the bright side it’s a whole new year of fun things to experience… Like natural desasters and terroist threats and junk.

No really, life can be an awesome thing, depends on the way you look at things, your perspective.

Yeah, I know. Sometimes I just get kinda emo on myself. But I just hit myself in the face
with my fist and …yup… no more emo. Then I’m back to my old hypocrite self.
And I’m luck cause there ain’t no natural disasters or terrorist threats n’ junk here :stuck_out_tongue:

Ya know, I think I’m facing an internet mid-life crisis. That’s how I’m starting the new year.

@ Blenderist: Hey are there any hot chicks in Estonia? I just might move there myself.

So self-harm makes you less emo?
That’s new to me!

And that is why you are called “new-neo”

Don’t move here. They r all mine!!! :smiley:

So the answer to your question is yes