Happy New Year

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year before I call it a day :slight_smile:

Happy New Year!!!

I hate newyears. And people hate me for hating it. And I hate people for hating me for hating it.

Happy New Year everyone! Great Blendering too!!! (how am i supposed to say that? oh well…) :-DDD

happy new year minus 10:34!

Enjoy the new year, and discard the old year like a pair of soiled underwear.

For the Boozers , Buy all your booze when you are sober, so you don’t go out drunk driving. Unplug your modem, and Don’t call you ex-wifes on the telephone when you are drunk.
Party at someone else house, unless you want puke and cigarette butts in your potted plants. And this guy sleeping on your couch.


This dude in your bathroom:


And for those who are going out to a drinking establishment please take a sober friend with you to drive.
And to help your judgement:
If she is a 2 at 10:00 Pm it is impossible to be a 10 at 2:00 AM.


Please have a safe and happy new year!!!

Those pics. are perfect examples of why drinking alcohol can be dangerous, particulary in the case of the last image where the guy underneath could easily suffocate.

Happy new year anyways.

Lol, you are right!
Brings a new meaning to the term “Smother me with your love.” for now on it will have a completely new meaning to me! I like that James Brown song too!.

Happy new year CD :slight_smile:

Just to note, something much like that is sometimes done to unruly kids in schools like in Texas.

It’s called prone restraint and it actually killed a kid once.

Plus the above pic. is also why you definately don’t want to become obese (unfortunately many Americans probably look like that)

12:20 AM here, 2010 has come in and my mother went to bed less than 5 minutes after 12.

I remember when we stayed up past 1 or even 2 in some cases, my parents nowadays go to bed right after 12.

Happy New Year!

Happy new year to all of you.
may this new year brings happiness and prosperity for all of us.

happy new years

WOOHOO!!! It’s 2010! Happy new years everyone! :smiley:

Happy New Year to all,may all your dreams come true.

Happy new year!!! Next year I think I will make a 3D ball drop and have it like count down from Ten, it would be awesome!

Shall we bet on the number of deaths during next year’s natural disasters?

Happy New Year!!! :smiley:

For me, it depends on the circumstances, but yea, for the past few, I’ve felt the same.

We had wine, a nice feast, and then, at about 2, we started watching Law and Order: Criminal Intent.

At that point, I was able to solve all the crimes before the show ended (mainly because I was drunk), so in my boredom, I fell asleep.

And now I’m typing this post.

A whole new decade -> Time passes like it’s in free-fall.

Happy new decade to you too Social.

Was it just a wine magnum amongst friends, or did everyone show up with a 5 gallon box, commando style? (Hey, I was a Wino once. a 5 gallon box only just started the party.)

Either way, Wine and chanpaign hangovers are some of the worst,it sounds like you ate food and drank water. Which is really smart.

Glad to hear you where feasting, If you drank enough water you probably feel fine now. (If not go and drink a sh!tload of water, even if you just puke it back up, Hydration is your best friend right now. Then food, and after you can hold solid food down pop a vitimin B complex , and continue with the water, and food.)

THat does not jut go for wine drinkers, anyone with a hangover today, follow the same route and you will be feeling good soon.

I drank 23 12fl. Ounce Becks beers last night, so thankfully I am not hung over. I am still drunk, and not looking forward to the next 6-8 hours of Detoxification. I am going to try some hair of the dog, and a bunch of water. but my day is still ruined.

happy new year all.