happy new yearh!

Pure blender, Made for a new-year card :smiley:

Hey! Very nice! :smiley:
My Christmas card is in an other topic (don’t know where it is:rolleyes: )

hey! thanks :smiley:

Nice work with the halos and particles, though usually if that many fireworks are going off at once wouldn’t there be a lot of light reflected off the floor?

Oh yearh thats right… I did the halo image in another blend…, So its just background, hehe, ;D thx for the crit :smiley:

haha…this is the first time i’ve seen anyone you the magic texture on a hat…L0L…nice job anywayz…

hehe thanks :smiley:

Haha cool! Nice character - the face is really good. The particles are really good. The only thing that lets it down is the texture on the hat.