Happy newyear, Blender//Elysiun/BlenderArtists!

Just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year and wishing you all well.
I thought about a New-Year’s resolution, but I have way too many things to resolve in my life…But I will make a resolution to seriously study Python, no matter how much my brain cries. I figure I could do 1 hr per day on each starting with “A Bite of Python”, python.org, Tkinter, Tcl/Tk, WxPython. I guess I could do the first 2 one day and the other 3 the next untill I can write my first cool script…Not to mention studying the many scripts here at Elysiun.

Ok, I just nailed my self to the wall here, now if I don’t produce a script, everyone would know that I am all “Hot Air”.

04-05 Blender has been absolutly incredible, I think 06 will be the “Jaw-Drop” Year. My Jaw is on the floor right now.

Thnk you

I beat you to it :wink:


Happy New Year dukytyme!

Good luck with learning Python.
I’ll forward to seeing your first script.

not to start any flamewars, but while you are at it, maybe check “pyqt” out… in my opinion, way nicer than tkinker and wx…


Happy New Year, dukytime! I’m also reading “A Byte of Python” (currently chapter 12).

happy new year as well,

lol my happy new year was in a meijer store cause i needed to buy old fasioned rasor blades and a scisor for my metal work. :wink:

most boring but most productive happy new year i ever had.

Happy new years to you all! I guess I resolve to learn python (uhg…) and bash scripting (not so bad…)

Good luck everybody!