Happy Pi day!

Just wishing everyone a happy Pi day. (Today is March, 14. this converts to 3/14, which are the first 3 digits of Pi. You can also go further and celebrate it at 1:59 this afternoon, and for the really serious people out there, 26 seconds after this)!

Have fun!

yeah, that only works here in the USA.

but you other people get the idea.

happy pi day!

Being British I’ve never understood the American need to tell dates as month, day, year. When logically it makes sense to work with the heirarchy of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years etc…

But anyway, since someone IS celebrating a Pi day somewhere, here’s a little something I did a while ago.

Unless you’re British and have seen BBC3 at some point, this may mean nothing :wink:


I’ve memorized it as far as 3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197196…

I swear didn’t just look that up.

It’s feats like this that make me realize how little I’ve accomplished.

It just turned 8pm here, so I guess I missed the count down to pi-second, but I’m still glad I can enjoy the remainder of pi day!

[edit] Wait… can pi day even have a remainder?! HA

/me goes back to my cave [/edit]


I used to have one of these shirts, but I lost it. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

My physics teacher bought these giant cookies and cut them up for her classes (they were out of pie? i dunno). I have her for precalc too! got cookies twice. lol

Rocketman: I might be wrong, but when I memorized a chunk of pi, the last two digits that you have were swapped.

Yeah! Happy pi day! /me goes to eat some cherry pie/

On another completely unrelated note :stuck_out_tongue: , ever hear of primative pythagorean triples? Google them if you want some fun (or to hurt your brain, depending on your math-mindedness…)

[maybe I’m being irrational… but it’s pi day!]

I saw this video or something before on savants, and there was this guy, he was really good with memorization and he could memorize the first 30,000 digits of pi…


nm, it’s 22,514, but that’s still a lot…

My head hurts. Is there a simple way for writing Pi (The Symbol) on a piece of paper?

I draw two straight legs, like I’m making a tiny H and then I just make a squiggle across the top of them.


you know, the first time I learned about Pi, my teacher told us the story of a boy who’s father saved up a great deal of money to send his son to collage only to be dissapointed when he came back saying “Pi r^2” the man then responded by saying “pie are not square, pie are round, cake are square. What did thay teach you at that collage?!”


_____________________________ ______ ~
<edit> the symbol for PI looks kinda like this: ‘’ </edit>

To write pi, just write this:
I only know 10 decimal digits of pi atm. Actually, no, you’ve just given me another one!
That is, 3.14159265358

Heh, I’d like to see an e - day too (even though it will be a little tricky to describe it in such a format as it starts with 2.71…)! I mean, both are really wonderful numbers but I like e even more.

And don’t forget about the formula e ^ (pi*i) = -1 which is connecting them both :wink:

well I’m lazy to memorize all of Pi, so all I know is 3.14 which will do for me. :slight_smile:

Huh…Blender 3.14 (build 1592)…I’m patiently waiting for that, and if they mess up the build number, I’ll send the developers a package containing pure DHMO :stuck_out_tongue: