happy pills

sth like that

C&C welcome

No replies?
I think its pretty cool.
Nice lighting in this piece, which is particularly hard to find on these forums unfortunately.

Although it is very bland and boring. Needs something to spice it up.
Also change the colour of that pink pill. It looks … wrong. :wink:

thanks, I really dont’ know what to add to make it more spicy
and about that pill, lot of drugs has this lovely pink colour. Personally I think more pink = more power :slight_smile:


The first time I saw your picture I was wondering where the to was and where the bottom was, so maybe you should slow down on the mirror effect for the plane and make some stuff like in a bathroom or something.
But pretty nice pic anyway.

pretty good!

The pink one doesn’t seem a pill after all…but maybe a case for an elongated McDonald’s hamburger…painted in pink :-?

Besides that the rest of the frame is wonderful…very nice reflects on the surface…