Happy Saint Nicholas day!

Do any of you Germans and Europeans still celebrate what became Santa Clause in America, on his birthday, today?

My family has always put their shoes out by the front door for St. Nik to fill with chocolates and simple little toys. I still do this with my children. I wonder if the custom is still alive elsewhere?

Well have a wonderful day everyone!! God bless you and keep you well. May we all find a way to love one another some day.

Love Ingie

Saint Nicholas = Patron Saint of Children

Ok, enough of that sentimental gushy gosh, LOL

Doesn’t that make for stinky treats? lol


Doesn’t that make for stinky treats? lol


I’m not sure actually if it goes that way for us because we never had a fireplace growing up, LOL, but the treats are usually wrapped up :oP

Do you have something against Ode de toes?

Yeah, we still do it. And as i suffer from a torn ligament, I had an unused shoe. And guess what: It was full of chocolates the next day. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I’m so tired in the mornings, I’d probably put the shoes on without noticing :wink:

  1. pofo

Yum, that gives them “flavor.”

Actually we do celebrate Saint Nicholas her in Greece…

But our version is considered to be the protector of the sailors and navy men…

Our version of Santa Claus is Saint Vassilios (he’s a real person, used to be a Christian scholar or something and it was a very compassionate man… he used to help poor people and sick children… )… He’s the one who brings gifts to the children at Christmass…