Happy Valentines Day

My first attempt at playing with our new raytracer.

Anyone know how to get rid of those bright spec areas?

Whooo, looks pretty good.

Get rid of spec areas? Uhm, turn down the spec…? :wink:


lol, did that, and even moved the light but it still shows bright white spots. Or is that normal and I’m just fussing?

Do you have spec turned on in the ‘Map to’ buttons?

Btw, you image is REALLY nice. I think the spec is a good thing. :wink:

Hi dreamsgate,

If you go in the lamp buttons area and push the No Specular button, that
should do the trick.

I’ll have to give that a try next image. I seem to have misplaced my blend file. :-? I hate it when I create something cool and then lose it.