Happy Winter-een-mas!


It just snowed here a few days ago and just wanted to let ppl here knows of a funny comic called “ctrl-alt-del” or CAD.

some of the comic seems very very random or boring but it is mostly funny.

P.S. Winter-een-mas is a video-gaming holiday thought up by this video-game obsessive character. Read the comic to understand it.

This is by far my favorite


I saw this in another board somewhere… Hmmmm…
I don’t really get the jokes I’m afraid :confused:
I like their drawing style, though :smiley:

Just what I was about to say. I guess it’s a good thing, technically. :stuck_out_tongue:

I understand the all your base one, though dont find it funny…

Whats funny about the winter een one though?

Some sort of community joke?

well the winter-een-mas is kinda central to some of the story (yes there is a story line for real) in the comic and this particular strip I posted above is not really that funny but many of the strip is funny (at least to me who are a little video-game obsessive and stuffs). Though I do hate the chef strip cause it is totally random (look at it, you’ll see why it is totally random)

these comic is basically a parody based on events and social life related to the video-gaming communtiy.

Here is one that might help make you understand some of the humour.


Apparently this might explain the Wintereenmas comic :slight_smile:

It’s not the first time I hear about it but today’s the first time I start reading them. I’m hooked. I like the random humor :slight_smile:

yeah, apparently it turned into a weeklong holiday dedicated to vidogame and there are some of the story about a company trying to commercialize the holiday but failed.

The only thing I found out about this comic besides some senseless humor is that some of the humor is profane.

Too bad because the comic has a great idea and yet they ruin it big with uncensored profanity.

Kansas moral crusade against profanity has what bearing on this thread?

Seriously, people can read for themselves without your unqualified commentary. Please, if it offends you JUST DON’T READ IT, and don’t feel the need to tell people it is inferior because it conflicts with your personal sense of the acceptable.

The fact that it is an average webcomic (for many reasons) and there are lots better is neither here nor there.:smiley:


Winter-een-mas?! Any self respecting geek only celebrates Decemberween.:smiley:

This stuff is just too damn funny!

I cant stany these comics, they arent that funny. i hate the lame jokes they use: “Clearly a case of brain frostbite” ?

but thats just my opinion :slight_smile:

the comic is good, but logicaly you wont get half of it if you wont start from the first one.

Yeah that is completely true. That was why I’ve posted a link to the first one but I should’ve explained what you just said. sorry, y’all.

No problem :wink:
I’ll check out the comic tomorrow, as it does look promising.
The one with the EverQuest addicts is rather funny :stuck_out_tongue:

Reminds me of Penny Arcade comics,
which I like better.
Especially the early ones.

Kansas, go read a bible :slight_smile: