Hi, I decided to give 3d a try about a month ago. Blender is awesome and quite easy to learn. However I don’t think I am patient enough to reach the kind quality I’ve seen on these forums. I can’t imagine myself working on a piece for several weeks/months :frowning:

This is pretty much the first thing that I can call “finished” and was done in one night. I have more ideas for it, a scene, but I’ll wait a bit and see if I still like it in a couple days. I was tired of trying to do realistic faces with perfect topology over and over so I took a break. So I did this without thinking about topology. The heads inside the mouth might be seem cheap but for some reason I felt it made sense. Obviously there’s no way I could animate this, but it was fun nonetheless. I tried to light it the same way I would light a real person in real life. So mainly I would like critique about lightning. The modeling is obviously wrong but I would still very much like to know what you think.

The title makes no sens, sorry.

Rendered in Yafray and adjusted contrasts a bit in photoshop.

Couldn’t decide which angle to pick here’s 2:




Creepy Image. It ouwld look amazing, but the eyes seem…well the spec looks wrong.
Anyway, 4 stars Good work

Yeah, very creepy! Love the model. The lighting looks mostly good, but I think possibly just a little more on the sides.

I think you should add some rotten teeth to the model to make it even better.

Great work on texturing and lighting, but the eyes need work - turn the spec down, and the hard up. And maybe give them a texture too.

Keep up the good work

great, the only The heads inside the mouth IS cheap. XD Overused, would be the word. But I can’t hold it against you because at least you admitted it. Anyway, the textures and modeling are great, so good on ya.

For the record, I think the eyes look great. Almost pearlescent. And the idea of the head in a head in a head…, it may be old, but it’s well done and very effective. I think this looks brilliant.

Thanks for the comments guys.

I will use it for another scene, I won’t update this one. I’m not sure about the eyes. I like them this way :frowning: They will definitely stay black, but I guess I’ll try playing with spec.

I’m a fan of the eyes as well…almost a non-existant existance if you get what I mean…this freaks me out man lol!

nah, the black is fine…but the spec looks a bit tooo much like the defualt spec…Im not sure quite what it is.
Anyway, its your art, its up to you