Hard body physics? (yup... 2.5)

I can’t seem to find any way to get hard body physics in 2.5. Has it just not been implemented yet?

What about now since alpha 1 is out? I can’t seem to find the rigid body physics.

In the Info panel at the top of the screen, there should be a drop-down menu in the middle that says “Blender Render”. Change this to “Blender Game” then go to the Physics tab in the Properties panel.

i think LazyCoder meant the actual Rigid Body simulation that is going to be implemented eventually, like the Particles and Cloth/SoftBody…

if that’s the case, then i don’t think it’s in yet…

however, it’s nice to know where the Game settings are, i was looking for them yesterday :smiley: thanks Tansunn!

Yeah, I’m not finding that anywhere, just the usual game engine physics for rigid bodies.

I’m also not finding the Record to IPO feature.

i think those options are still on their way… it’s only Alpha1 after all :slight_smile: at least they’re in 2.49b, so sometimes you can switch between versions (but you lose all animation data, so beware)

2.5 is awesome though - now i dread going back to the interface of 2.49b, lol :slight_smile:

Anyone know the latest on this?

The only update is for this:

I’m also not finding the Record to IPO feature.

With ‘Blender Game’ selected, in the Game menu, tick Record Animation

So rigid body never made out the game engine into a modifier?

One of the Summer of Code projects was to create rigid body physics in animation.


I’ve seen a few builds on Graphicall.org but not in awhile. I think this will come around sometime after a stable release.