Hard drive in need of surgery! HELP NEEDED!

Hey all! First, and foremost, I’m going to make the point of this thread clear, and then I’ll type out a detailed description of what happened. I’m a poor college student in need of help funding a hard drive repair/data recovery. The link to the fundraiser can be found here, and trust me, I really hate asking for money, but it’s a last resort:

Okay, now for the more detailed description:

My name is Chris Folea. Some of you may know me as VisFX Blender. (http://visfxblender.wordpress.com/)

Just the other day, out of nowhere, my 750gb hard drive just decided to die. All of my important data from the past few years (Yes, I realize I’m an idiot for not backing up more frequently, but it’s difficult to back up projects that are more than 25-50gb each) was on that hard drive, and now it’s just gone. Vanished. This includes all of my blender projects, media, and any school work that wasn’t from the past two quarters.

I contacted several data recovery agencies, and the cheapest one is doing it for $759 as we speak. I’m a poor college student and can’t afford this alone. I’m in a really, really tough situation, and any help, at all, would be greatly appreciated. I really hate asking for money, but again, I’m in a really tough spot right now.

I realize I haven’t been around the community much lately because I’ve been at school, but hopefully my previous contributions will be enough for you to at least consider helping me out.

Here’s the link to the fundraiser again, and thanks to any of you that can help out in advance.

Your hard drive died how? What is it doing?