Hard drive partition problem.

I wasn’t sure which support forum to put this into so:

I have a partition of my hardrive that cannot be accessed normally.

Its a Sata RAID setup and it was fine yesterday, its not a physical problem because the rest of the partitions on that hardrive are working fine. Unfortunately its the partition i have Windows XP on, the OS i most commonly use, and it also has all of my blender files on it.

At the moment i am left with windows 2000, and when i try to get into that partition it basicly says that it is unaccessible. Ive installed a couple of partition recovery shareware programs to check that all the information is there, which it is.

I’m not sure why its suddenly not working but i was wondering if any of you guys know of a program i can install onto win 2000 that could recover that partition to its full working glory, or if not a program i dont have to pay for that will extract the files i want to use, out of that partition.

Use almost any Linux Live CD and boot from it. The attached to your XP drive and at least get the files off the drive that way. As for as recovering it, I’ve not clue.

delete all the partitions except that one
boot from xp cd to recovery console
you have to login as administrator
and run fixmbr
you might have to run fixmbr /h to get the switch option and then choose one
like fixmbr /n or something like that i cant remember