Hard Edge/Normals visualisation

Hi All,

I use Maya and Softimage professionally but I am new to blender ( and have to admit I am inspired by what I have seen of it so far, especially where the uv’ing is concerned! ).

I have hit an issue which is causing me to hop out of blender to finalise my models though which is really frustrating. The problem is that I cannot visually mark edges/normals as being hard or soft. Globally for the mesh I can use soft or flat normal but I am used to being able to use hard edges in other applications and see the result in the viewport.

I see in blender there is a sharpen edge, which if I export as an .obj and import into another application ( and vice versa, if I add hard edges in Maya and bring it into blender the edges are highlighted as sharp ), but the viewport doesn’t actually show them. This makes it really awkward when setting them up as I have to render just to see them.

Its entirely possible that I am completely missing something, but any help is appreciated. I did see similar thread where the work-around of actually splitting the edges was used, but i’d rather avoid this as I want to keep a fully closed mesh, and splitting the edges has a knock on effect when skinning.

Thanks all


You can visualise the sharp edges in the viewport by using smooth shading and adding an Edge Split modifier


Ah that is exactly what i was after. I naively thought it would result in actual geometry splits, so my apologies for that.

Thanks for pointing me to that modifier! I’ll continue to be impressed by this software and the community.