Hard edges with BRayBaker

I’m using Macouno’s BRayBaker to fake lightning. In some meshes I obtain this effect:


Blender internal renderer is used for that baked map, but it’s the same with Yafray.

I think that’s an stupid problem but I can’t find it after reading lots of threaths in this forum and making another lot of tests.

How’d you get the script to run in 2.37 anyway? As to your question, have you set smooth on the Edit panel [F9]?

Yes, that’s smoothed. I haven’t done anything to get working the script, just copying it in .scripts dir, perhaps that’s the system, full instalation of debian sarge.

This is a test with yafray: http://www.ara3d.com/varios/uv1.png

It’s seen there are holes in vertex places, so I think the mistake is in modelling, but there are not doubles and normals are correct. The effect of hard edges remains in triangulated mesh.

I have tried with blender 2.4 alpha 2, but there are errors:

rendering image 90
Rad elems: 156 emittors 0
Saved: /tmp/900001.png Time: 00:00.04
going to tile to texture compilation
creating tile 0
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “<string>”, line 1744, in bevent
File “<string>”, line 830, in prescript
File “<string>”, line 1517, in script
ValueError: invalid bit(s) set in mask
Saved session recovery to /tmp/quit.blend

I will make some tests with that mesh to see if there are close vertex, converting it…

It looks like the object’s material has specularity. Specularity doesn’t work with the raytrace baker.

Right sketchy, that was the main problem. With spec = 0 only too sharpen edges are visible, but shadowing is correct and it can be repaired with The Gimp. Lots of thanks to both of you :smiley:

The last note, such holes in vertex positions appeared only in tests with low resolution of image.