Hard Hit - Need 3D Modeler

me and my friend are working on a game project called Hard Hit. An FPS Shooter game which is set in present time. The game is built in cryengine 3. So we really need a 3D modeler with any talent doesn’t matter actually. And at the moment we cannot pay but if we go success with the project then i can get a 20% lisence and pay people who put work on this project.

the full details on the website : hardhitgame.tk

heres some detail on the game
-its set in 2017 so no Sci-fi thing. A classical FPS.
-different locations. From middle east to russia from russia to US
-different characters

so looking for anybody who can help. Thx

… Any more details?

Please give us some further information, since, to be honest, your game doesn’t sound all that innovative or interesting thus far, and as a result you may find it difficult to get volunteers. There are a lot of FPS games out there.

Yes there are alot of FPS but i want to make this a little exciting more than. you know in games you always go as the objective, get cover, kill enemies, a cutsense and you win the game. For example in some mission you play as the enemy, see what they go through see how they plan.

also the culture used in the game and architecture built in 3d softwares, we want to make some original. The latest work of my friend is afghani type buildings faces and etc.

also some extraordinary situation like shooting while hanging on cliff to a chopper arent alot in games.

More plot on the game : www.hardhitgame.tk

I’d be happy and i think it’d make my background better.

Ah, I see now. Might I suggest putting that link in your original post? Perhaps you could copy some of the plot over here too.
I might try signing up through your site, now I’ve seen it. (:

Anyone who is interested ?