Hard Ops + BoxCutter vs Fluent for interior archviz?

Hi there!

I’ve been eyeing some good add-ons this Black Friday. I’ve heard about these two add-ons for quite a while, and even so I can’t say what are the main differences between the two…

I’m an archviz interior artist, and I wonder if any if these tools, as powerful as they are, are good add-ons for my work. Can someone help me here?

I’ve already bought Construction Lines, which is very good for precision drawing. Any more sugestions of great add-ons for interior archviz?

Thanks in advance!

I use HardOps & BoxCutter all the time, i consider them essential, they just make life easier, it’s all the little tools within HardOps that make working much smoother.

Thanks for your answer! You’ve helped me decide what to buy :slight_smile:

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Colkai, sorry to bother you again.
Do you use HardOps & BoxCutter for interior archiviz?

Sometimes I use boxcutter for the window/door holes, but mostly I use loop cuts as I prefer that method. HardOps though, yeah, I’m accessing the ‘q’ menu all the time, so many useful features.
Another addon I can recommend is MachineTools, it has some features such as unbevel / refuse and “unf*ck”, (which sorts out bevel overlaps), that are life-saves. I can honestly say, there isn’t an instance I don’t open Blender without calling on HOps at some point.

Thanks again for your detailed reply! I’ve hear about MachineTools, and it seems to be a great add-on, being free at the same time.
The only thing that is making me think twice about HardOps is the topology that it creates. I mainly model furniture, and the objects must be very clean, in order to export them to FreeCad and make exact measurements and documentation…

Oops, I meant to say MeshMachine, machinetools is useful, but MeshMachine is a whole different thing.

Regards topology, the only way around that is to manually edit the results, how you set you object up as well can determine the result of things like booleans, but this is true in “native” mode using booltool as well.
If 100% accuracy is a must, then doing it all manually is probably the “safest” way, but using HOps & BoxCutter with a bit of due diligence in cleanup will get you very clena results as well. If you check out some of the videos on the MasterXeon1001 channel, you’ll see how he cleans up. Personally, I tend to use ngon faces but with a nice cut through the centre of any booleans. This is neater than having tons of cuts across the faces, however, this is all dependant really on what FreeCad wants in it’s imports.

You’re not wrong; I was watching the MESHMachine video demo and was blown away! I’ll definitely buy that add-on ASAP, and maybe HOps & BoxCutter also; if not today, maybe later.

Your help has been invaluable, thank you so much!

You’re most welcome. :slight_smile: