Hard Ops Config questions

Hi Masterxeon! I bought HardOps a couple of weeks ago and have made a lot of progress learning it (though I have a long way to go).
I downloaded the V0.8 update (and today the V 0.8RC2) and am having issues with CSlice and/or rebool. I have Bool Tool V2 (original) activated, but have also used the newer Object_Bool Tool (V3.2). When I installed your V0.8 update, there was a zip file called “Auxilliary Addons.zip” this had MiraTools, but also some scripts like “z_aux_AR-Bool Tool.py” which seems to be V2.3 of BoolTools. Also “z_aux_Auto Mirror”. I added it to blender. Then, you released V0.8 RC2 without those addons… Should I clean out all the V0.8 files?

I watch your videos closely, but have not been able to access Rebool tool (with Booleans pending or not). CSlice sometimes works, and seems to do the same thing?

Also, I just bought BoxCutter V4 - keep up the good work! When I go to Settings/Addon Diagnostics in Hard Ops (V.8RC2), the BoxCutter has an exclamation mark (Bool Tools V2 is checked regardless of whether I’m using V2, V3.1, or V2.3…

Thanks, keep it up.