Hard Ops Thread

So the debate has come up about pressing Q to bring up the menu so I made a query. Your answers will give insight to how hard ops being used and which menu set it working best for the majority of users.

I am adamant about the Q button however this is just to find out how the users are using hard ops.

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De-selected objects non-modal for the q keypad and now things are working correctly. Thankyou masterxeon for the great description with the screencast picture!

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awesome! Im glad you got it working

So how hard was it to get the bakes right for the low poly?

It was easy. I use batch tools http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Extensions:2.6/Py/Scripts/3D_interaction/BatchOperations
which allows me to apply all the mirror and bevel modifiers and also I have to make the inserts individual users with U >> object and data. And then I export a low, cage, high. and also a high(triangulated). From there substance painter can bake the high to the low and even make an ID map of the material indexes. So it was a really quick process. I retopoed it while waiting for the video to transcode so it wasn’t long at all. I would say it was pretty easy. I will add a video to the gumroad about baking and low poly creation since its a part of my workflow but I do love how it looks in cycles.

That would be awesome!

I am using Q for the default Views Pie, as well as suite of tools called KJartan’s Scripts which defaults to Shift-Q. To make everything get along and still remain based on Q, I reconfigured my hotkey set to base all 3 HardOps pies upon use of Control-Q (which I have unbound from “Quit Blender”. I just posted this setup in the KJartan’s Scripts thread as well, since another user of HardOps was asking there about a good way of running both plugins…

  • Unbind “Quit Blender” from Control-Q (Just use the file menu to quit)
  • Change binding of “Toggle Quad View” from Control-Alt-Q to simply Alt-Q
  • KJartan’s Scripts: Shift-Q (default)
  • Hard-Ops keymap is bound around use of Control-Q
    • Pie 1: Control-Q
    • Pie 2: Control-Shift-Q
    • Pie 3: Control-Alt-Q
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masterxeon, what is the helmut tutorial file called. It is hard knowing what to download. Thanks

The video is “HardOps 0.0.6 Helmet Demo Video”, the blend is “Helmet Demo Tutorial File”.

I just set my hardops to alt’Q

@masterxeon, please check your Polycount message box… Would be great if you could organize the files more as it’s all very confusing with old and deprecated files mixed in with new and duplicate ones. Don’t know if Gumroad has a folder option, but maybe placing different file-types into folders or simply removing old stuff would be so appreciated. Like there’s two copies of the HardOps addon in the repo at the moment… No idea…

That’s as organized as it gets. The first file is always the latest version. The rest is just…stuff. Sorry about that Nextroxen. They don’t allow folder. I can put everything in zips but that gets rid of the available streaming option. Its just packed with goodies to sweeten the deal.

Fair enough… Great work on the addon in any event!

Love the plug, only thing i hate that it didn’t remember my new hotkeys (after saving user prefs) :frowning:

yeah the manual keymap area might be moved since its causing some undesired behavior / not being able to save.

I see you do a lot of cleanup in this video this is really time consuming I hope booleans que much better with campbell addition

cleanup is a part of life. Its a worthy skill to master. Especially for surfacing and bevel guidance

I agree with masterxeon1001 - cleaning a topology in meshes after boolean is important for good skill in modelling (especially hardsurface). But maybe in next months will be possible to use campbell addition for get a little more clean meshes. HardOps is amazing script for everyone - from amateur to professional users. But for less experienced users meshes will be finally unusable (after many boolean operations). I suppose that many less experienced users will report you tons of issues - because they will find some problem with some functions in script after many boolean options (after few boolean operations everyone should clean a topology, but if you forgot about it and you will do 40 cuts with booleans - mesh will be destroyed and some functions from HardOps script will work not properly).

Thank you for this great Add-on, I highly recommend it in combination with the Bool Tools for any kind of Hard surface Meshes :slight_smile:

hell yes zuggamasta

Seeing everyone make such fine work using this tool brings a smile to my face. Mission accomplished haha