Hard Ops Thread

the party continues…

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Loving your barrage of videos this last while. :+1: Very informative and inspiring.


That was one of my favourite classic features. Using spacebar to move cutters around in ortho before commiting.

it’ll come in time.

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Has anyone else hit this error lately ?
I cannot get hard ops to install on any recent daily builds on windows 64.

Thank you!

If I delete my config folder, so is more “fresh”, and install the HOps 0098_1 Californium (2.8)_7.zip, it gives me the same error when I try to enable the Add-on.

you will need the latest zip. (2.8) HOps 0098_1 Californium_33 is the most current one.

Accessing previous orders.
Gumroad - https://gumroad.com/library
Blendermarket - https://www.blendermarket.com/account/orders
BM Support: https://gfycat.com/UnevenSmartGadwall

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Updated installation video.


ok, got it! Thank you! I had wrong installer/zip from a link I got in my email I guess.

Please fix ASAP:
Using Boxcutter is breaking shift-selection for right-click select. After activating BC, it places the cursor instead. As you can imagine, this makes Blender unusable.

we added that for the defaut LMB but you can remove it or remap

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Detect RCS and don’t add it in that case, don’t tell users to do it…

Yeah, I think we can register it based on L/R preferences. I will have to check if there will be no problems with that.


is the circle tool in latest HardOps not working? I tried both Circle and Circle New, and no luck :frowning:

Also, I am having quite big issues using boxcutter when modeling tiny objects in real scale. I am currently working on a door lock, and BoxCutter fails most of the time with shapes smaller than 1CM :confused:

circle is looptools wrapper, if you enable looptools it should work.

for BC there is a way to set offset it can be adjusted to 0 (offset and lazer cut) though because of how blender works it may be much better to work in bigger scale and then scale on export

Yes, thanks. I already figured that out after I posted. I had to reduce all the settings to 10%. I guess there could be some global scale multiplier to quickly multiply all the scales based on the size of the asset you are working on. Or perhaps automatically determine that by the distance from the viewport camera to the surface (the smaller object you are working on, the closer you are). But that one would be tricky I think :slight_smile:

So I am not sure if this was discussed here earlier but it’s very hard to find an answer between 2075 replies ;D
So I have that one issue where when I try working with the Ngon shape the “Ngon line”(don’t know how to call it) doesn’t follow my mouse? Does anyone have an answer?

I think it is something new hard to say what can that be, can I see the gif?

Hello everyone, sorry for the interruption. I am an absolute beginner. Should I learn wihtout any add ons or is it good to buy hard ops and boxcutter? They look really helpful for creating hard surface assets!

Always up to You. But if you are new to 3d you should definitely learn the basic first, those tools are here to speed up your workflow not to replace it.

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okay thank you very much!