Hard Ops Thread

Hi everyone,

I’m hoping someone can help me with an issue with Boxcutter :

I’ve installed the following into the Win10, 2.82 Bforartists build:
(2.8) HOps 009842_Neodymium_4
(2.8)BoxCutter 715_18

I followed the guidance of copying the contents of the zip to the addons folder and I can successfully enable each addon.

The issue I am encountering occurs after activating Boxcutter. Once I drag a along the surface of a cube I am trying to cut, the following error occurs:

I hadn’t encountered this previously with Boxcutter so I’m wondering if anyone can provide some guidance?

you may need a proper 2.82.

Agreed since it works in Blender (proper).

I decided to blackbox it and install Boxcutter a second time. I did this without first uninstalling Boxcutter (that I installed via the recommendations of the dev). This seems to have resolved the issue.


I have been using Hops + Box Cutter for some days and I would like to show you the result of my cylinoid, after following some videos. I think this is not the right place anyway.

I have some ideas that could be interesting for the addon and again dont know if this is the correct place.


yes. Or here.

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