Hard Ops Thread

You are right, it seems it was numpy causing a commotion. Thanks!

(2.8) HOps 00986_MercuryX_29 out now. “Post update fix round”


And the development train just keeps steaming ahead! :sunglasses:

Boxcutter 717.7 out now. “It’s wedging time”


I have a question regarding Boxcutter (7.17.5):

I want to cut off the green mesh where it meets the red mesh – simple as that. Very often I find myself in situations like these, annoyed that Blender’s knife tool is unable to snap to other object’s vertices (such as 3dsMax’ Quick Slice).

What’s the fastest way to do this with Boxcutter? It doesn’t seem to snap to foreign vertices either. I did it by doing a live cut with Shift, switching to box select, snapping the cutter’s vertices to the red object’s vertices, switching back to boxcutter and finally hitting the apply button. Surely there’s a faster way?

cutting precisely on an edge activates something I call a hotline which is a type of boolean error. Prolly best knife and then select and dissolve with ctrl + X. Sometimes its easier.

could even duplicate an edge and knife project it and do the same. Theres always a way.


Can any one show how to get this action in boxcutter? Thanks in advance

Great Thank you I found it

Anyone know if there’s likely to be a black Friday sale for BC/ HOPS?
Money is tight over here due to Covid.

every year!

YES!!! I’ll be updating the page every day. Cheers.

NDOF support = awesome… Thanks alot!

Using the Auto Depth with CTRL shows this popup

Can’t imagine this is right :slight_smile: Using the grid is impossible like this. What can I do to fix this, or is this a bug? Using 7.17.8

If I cut a box > Press T > Press SHIFT + T > Press W
Boxcutter shows me I’m doing something wrong :slight_smile:

Is this the keycombo of death? Looks like a boxcutter BSOD

looks like it cant be done at this time! Either one or the other! Thanks for the report.

(2.8) HOps 00986_MercuryX_30 out now.

(2.8)BoxCutter 717_9 out now.
Wedge + Taper + Bevel now supported.

Happy Thanksgiving day.


Black friday specials are live!

Good afternoon. I’m starting to learn how to use HardOps and Boxcutter with a tutorial course that I’ve found on Blender Market. Unlike with Udemy, it doesn’t have a spot for questions so I’ll try here (sorry for the newbie question).

When I hit Q and Bevel something, the modifier pops right on with no problem and I can scroll for segments or do whatever with no problems. But after I finish and release left mouse, and if I press Q and Bevel again, it just adjusts the current Bevel modifier without adding a new one to the stack. What am I doing wrong?

Also I found out today that Malwarebytes sometimes quarantines blender.exe if you’re using HardOps. There’s a thread about it at Malwarebytes and everything - imagine my surprise when Blender crashed and I saw that there was no exe in the directory! I’m using the latest HOps right from Blender Market with Blender 2.91. :slight_smile: I added an exception for the entire Blender directory in Malwarebytes and so far, so good.

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Hi Mark, if the tutorial is made by Blenderbros, they’ve a discord channel and a patreon page.

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