Hard Ops Thread

Oh, so I can turn it off. I had no idea since “scroll” implies it concerns only mouse wheel, not arrow keys too. I don’t think it’s a good UI/UX design when you rely on user to draw such obscure connections.


Two Boxcutter requests for improving Work the Corner workflows:

  • Option to leave the Draw Origin alone, instead of changing it back every time you cut. I don’t like pressing period, too far away, one too many keystrokes.

  • New alternative Box mode, Rectangle Box, that draws a mirrored rectangle around the snap point(or click if snapping is off) instead of a square. Up/down movement controls height, left/right controls width.

Also, is there an option for view independent extrudes? I have lots of trouble with overshoot when the view is parallel or close to parallel to the extrude, like when you’re working the corner. I’d rather be able to move the mouse left/right or up/down and get a linear change in the extrusion value. Extra bonus if you can turn on infinite mouse movement during extrudes.

Could the Boxcutter Cutters and Hard Ops boolean objects automatically be specified as Exclude under Object Properties - Line Art - Usage? The Grease Pencil Line Art should not be generated for Cutters.

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Having issues with Mapscroll(latest B 3 and Hops) Reading as empty even though I’m pointed to my directory. Is it file format dependent? Directory is all .jpegs. Cheers.


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Thanks for the report! Might have to use “all” in the meantime"


Hello guys is it possible that the Add Modifier → Lattice shows actually the U V W resolutions and enter edit mode? It saves going to the tab, adjusting the UVW and entering the edit mode. Kinda always the same operation. Thank you!

Given the massive amount of options, and things like multiple versions of the same tool, I figured I’d ask:
Is it possible to have an alternative Bevel modal in Edit Mode that doesn’t operate on Vertex Group but Bevel Weight? There seems to be no one-click way to add Bevel Weight and a correctly set up Bevel modifier at the same time.

I’m currently using Speedflow for this, but it’s not being updated and it’s also a hassle to have two UI’s for a very similar thing so I’m looking to move to Hard Ops instead!

You can setup the modifier to use Weight by default by pressing ctrl+~ and changing the Workflow from Angle to Weight. You can alt click Mark in the Q menu with edges selected in edit to set bevel weights.

edit: I guess that’s still two steps though.

q menu for lattices is recommended.

That’s a vertexgroup bevel, not bevel weight.

Nice, but also a lot more steps than I’d like.

Here’s a video of me doing a weight bevel and then an angle bevel on top:

If I’d selected vertices instead, it would’ve automatically done a vertex group bevel
Note also that that flat back and bottom face wouldn’t be possible with Vertex Groups

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brmm… brmm… q menu… That what I meant above. I use q for the HardOps menu, from there Add Modifier → Lattice. The benefit is the auto bounding box for the target + the few options accessed through the keyboard ALT, CTRL, etc.

My suggestion was, apart from the auto bounding box, to be able to select the lattice resolution + enter edit mode right away. Am I missing something from your answer? /thinking

this is the recommended method at this time. We’ll have to see what the future holds.


bevel unto weight is just L to change limit method.

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Note how it automatically creates a Vertex Group, but doesn’t automatically create bevel weights?
This was my question. I also went into it with my replies to @obsurveyor and @impacman, who tried to help before. Sadly it doesn’t seem to be possible, but is it something you’d consider?

We’ll have to see how it’d work like that. Thanks for the suggestion.
In the meantime that’s the best solution offered. Weight has a unique relationship with us.


Some stuff I used Hops+BC for recently. Buildings and units for my RTS game:

This one still needs wheels finished and textures. It’s gonna be a construction vehicle:


#hardops 987_20 out now.
This update aims to begin with the node editor and making it more accessible.

to_shape - Curve
An extension to to_shape allowing curves for times when they are needed. Having a curve auto encompass a shape comes in handy for particular cases.

Hops Pie
While the Q menu is recommended the pie has been updated slightly.

  • Curve Mod Added
  • Stack Unstack Added to hops pie in boolean section

I am sorry for bugging you, but can you please consider changes in the helper interface?

I really miss the “dimension” graph in it a LOT! because it’s super useful to scale sculpted model back to proper size with just changing dimensions and applying the new scale.

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ok. we’ll add it next update.


#boxcutter 719_3 is out now.

  • ngon “points” continue to be improved.


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