Hard Ops Thread

#boxcutter 719_7 is out now.


Hi Masterxeon1001

I would have another great feature for BoxCutter.
A revolving cut:

screw is always available via hops


Sorry, I’ ve explained it wrong.
Of course it’ s also possible with screw. But I’ d find it useful if there was a direct revolve cut in the menu.
It would then project a grid perpendicular to the surface, where you can draw a shape with Ngons and then cut. This was just an idea.


When I cut or make a shape and then want to move or scale it, the axis are always different bc the cutshape is rotated. Is there a way to simply set move and scale to world axis? I always have to try out which axis of the shape corresponds to which world axis.


According to someone from devtalk with a link to the docs:

the python operators can be hidden from the search results.

So can we please finally stop Hops and BoxCutter from wrecking the quick search operator?

I can’t count how many times I wanted to add simple native Blender camera to the scene and ended up with this mess instead:


thanks for the link!

but it’s not operators that need to be hidden.
props generated by us from enums are.

So this is not an operator?

Hmm, you are right. When I add ‘INTERNAL’ to the bl_options of the class, it still doesn’t remove it from search. That’s quite odd though.

Is there any chance that the class which generates the properties also has bl_options which supports the INTERNAL option?

is there a way to make a selection group , automatically , according to a boolean operation ?

example :
do a subtraction already with selection of the subtracted area?


no. not in blender.

no. if it was possible it’d be done. F3 to search might be safer.
The implementation of ‘Internal’ is insufficient and should be revisited.

I was talking about F3 search in my case. Only difference is I have it assigned to a different hotkey.

is there a specific way to select the most hidden parts of a model with ease through hardops?
for example: the inner edges of a boolean subtraction operation with a small solidify.

or is there another addon to make the selection easier?

thank you so much

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I am on the latest BoxCutter version, still getting this error in the console:

The window header says 3.1 but it’s happening in 3.0 too.

thanks for the report. Its a known thing.
We’ll have to see how it develops. It doesn’t appear to impact performance or cause loss of function.

How will it develop itself? Just inaction and waiting will not solve the issue, or affect the state of the issue in any way. This can not be a cookie cutter universal answer to every single issue BC or HOps has.

No performance impact or loss of function is not really an excuse. An addon can not just throw errors in the output window for no reason. Especially not a commercial one. There should be at least some low bar of quality here.

BC and HOps have many quirks and little bugs here and there, which is understandable given how complex they gotten, and they can be tolerated with a bit of teeth clenching, but at least having error free output console should be the bare minimum.


thank you for your insight. Apologies if you did not like the previous response.

To reiterate. “The issue will be checked into and resolved when a solution is found. Thank you for the reply”

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Something I noticed in the latest HardOps tonight: When in mirror(Alt+X) if you hit H for help, after a bit the help info goes away and you can’t get it back. I don’t recall seeing this before. Blender 3.0 current release.

thanks for the report. It’s being tracked but the source remains elusive. It’s a known issue.

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