Hard Ops Thread

Thank you. Past few days i decided to finally dive deep in blender and go through all the docs of certain addons. Thanks again.

For some reason I couldn’t find the Boxcutter thread. Hope here is cool. I want to cut a line like bisect using boxcutter. I keep getting thickness to it. What do I turn off so I can make a slice with the knife tool with no thickness. This is what i’m getting -

Thank you but im still getting thickness. (Colour of knife is changes so I can see it clearly with my theme).

If I turn on cyclic it works but then it turns to a polygon lasso cut. If i use the helper and press the x key it next to the solidify it does turn it off, however when i try move the line with the center dot to adjust its position it turns the thickness back on. Can I set the tool to to not have thickness to begin with? Can I save it as a preset or will i need to use something like ‘action recorder addon’ to make a preset I can save to a hotkey? I’m trying to turn the action im trying to perform into a plane slice I can draw out, manipulate and cut like modo’s plane slice tool. I know it’s a lot of waffle but i’m hoping to get it to work.

Hey, man, sorry for the off topic, but could it be possible to share your theme. I really like color choice you have. It seems really soothing to me. If you can’t/don’t want, I can understand. Accept it as a compliment. Cheers!

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Hey @masterxeon1001, could the Grease Pencil Copy/ Move command be made to work for hotkeys?
Currently, if I set up “hops.copy_move” with a hotkey, it immediately applies the move transform, so I cannot decide where to place the copy. A click to confirm would be nice in this case (meaning a Wait for input checkbox).

not a bad idea. it’ll be checked into for the future.

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Yep sent it to you mate.

I tried the action recorder but it didn’t work. Would you by any chance be able to make it possible to save presets of various settings within boxcutter. This is what I’m talking about. Not perfect I know but I have to take quite a few steps to set it up. Be a great time saver if I could just select a preset. A lot to ask but its really useful.

it will be examined when it is revisited. Thanks for the request!

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What could be done to the Mesh Tools > Selection options > Polygon debug mode to remove the Ngon, Quad and Tri materials?
Could there, for instance, be an option to Alt click Polygon debug mode when exiting the mode to automatically delete any associated materials from the blend file?

Is there a reason why the Circle option does not scale when there are no subdivisions? Or is this a bug?

This is HOps version Blender 3.1 on Windows 10.

thanks for the reports. They will be checked into.


is there a way to select only the area generated by a boolean operation automatically when creating this boolean operation?

in order to be easier to apply material only in this area?

thank you so much

due to being nondestructive, it would require assigning a material to the cutter and the target. Material cut might help. Pictured below.

When you activate Hops Blender running in “factory settings” mode, it shows the following message

sometimes it can help to close / reload blender.
Hope that helps.

rebooting does not help.
do you have any idea what this error is?

it might require the most up to date zip is used for installation.

The recommended installation method is outlined here.

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Maybe not directly related to HardOps but at least to some extent:

I somehow always end up with a pivot that looks like this and I’m having trouble setting it correctly in order to do add a mirror modifier… Is there a method via HardOps to easily fix this?

In this case, I’ve selected the 4 verts and set Object Origin to Vert,via (I believe) MACHIN3tools:

(My Transformation orientation is set to: Global and Transform pivot point to: Median Point.)

EDIT: I found out there’s a menu in HardOps in the mirror UI that was set to Local orientation. Why does it not sync up with my orientation set up in Blender’s UI (which was Global)? Is that on purpose? Is there a way to make HardOps automatically use that setting?