Hard Ops Thread


Thanks in advance for all tha hard work, just a thought. ( for boxcutter) Would it be possible/worth it to make a sort of interactive box selection cutter? For example you draw your box as normal to cut but can say shift scroll to subdivide the points? And say T to adjust tension ( similar to vertex bevel, but only affecting the rim). You could have the first four points as your anchors for tension but then add an alt +t to go into an anchor tension select mode where you could (de)select your vertices for your anchors then go back and adjust the tension? I do apologize if this sounds like a bunch of ramblings.

hardops and box cutter used to get update pretty regularly, not complaining just curious if you guys have moved from a rolling release to a fixed release ?

our work goes on. The tools have approached a point that I am pleased with.


Is it possible to disable tweak mode when entering Boxcutter or HardOps? I’d prefer not to move objects when click-dragging in the viewport.

Thanks for the request. It will be checked into.

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Latest Hops version:

Blender 3.2, getting tons of errors on startup:

it will have to be investigated.

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I completely deleted the addon folders, reinstalled, still getting the same issue. I don’t know how to troubleshoot this.

Did you try it after loading factory settings? Startup files can also break addons.

I tried factory settings, and the errors do not show up, but there is no way I am redoing my startup file from scratch.

That’s what’s causing your issue. I haven’t ever read about anything that can be done to fix it. They seem to just collect junk over time if you’re using the same settings over multiple versions. :frowning:


I just resaved the startup file as is, and it worked, no more errors.


Cool, good to know!

I’m using a usual backup app & use it to store once a week the important blender files/folders.
Keymaps, themes, addons folder and setup data, etc.
So if something odd happens I go into the folder from a week before, start blender from there and see if an error continues. If not you can copy the backed up files if needed.
PowerManage addon is a nice option to save backups of the addons setup data. You can switch off/on addons and they keep their settings/path setups etc.
Means a brand new install of blender is fixed in seconds. Just install PowerManage and load your backup & blender works like nothing happened.

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HardOps 987_32 is out now.

Boxcutter 719_13 is out now.


I mate, I may have asked you before but can’t remember. Is there a way to move this -

I have latest BoxCutter:
Opening the search menu still throws some errors in the console:


Great. Thank you.

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