Hard Ops Thread

Edit: Nevermind, i just had to update to the newest version of Hard Ops.

once updated. you will be good to go.

Any plans for big updates in the coming months??? your chanel so quiet :frowning:

i did some uploads recently going over installation nuances.

I meant plugin updates
new fixes, features etc etc

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HardOps and Boxcutter have been updated to support 3.4.0! Out now!


    def poll(cls, context):
        active_tool_id = active_tool()
        if active_tool_id is not None:
            return active_tool_id.idname == 'Hops' # Or Hopsedit
        return False

Here is the fix to this console error @masterxeon1001, its slightly slower but avoids those pesky launch errors when a context doesn’t exist yet. A better solution would probably be to just not call the idname attribute or to change/recreate the root functions return.

Where to replace the poll methods:
addon\panel\settings\__init__.py line 15 & 65
addon\panel\settings\misc.py line 16
addon\panel\settings\modifiers.py line 16
addon\panel\settings\smartshape.py line 15

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thanks for the info!