Hard Ops Thread


(masterxeon1001) #1486

the newest versions of boxcutter are for the buildbot

also we’ll look into the wires. However 99% of the issues reported this release have been resolved via blender updating to something higher than offical (b). Hope that helps.

(Binke) #1487

Ok cool ,No problem i will use the latest build bot

(AlmaTalp) #1488

Hello MasterXeon, is there a way to align a circular cutout in 3d viewport like rectangular (box) one? Thanks.

BTW I have both BoxCutter and HardOps installed on Blender 2.79b + Win 7 64 Pro and I get crashes all the time (Blender itself is stable). Is there any known issues related to this behaviour? Thx.

(masterxeon1001) #1489


You will need to update blender past B. This has resolved the majority of reported issues.

D to snap shape to 3d cursor was a circle idea but I am beginning to wish it was on all tools. So that might happen in the future.

(AlmaTalp) #1490

Thanks. BTW don’t you plan to discuss N-Gon handling with the developers? I just realised again that I cannot get a usable export form any Hardops mesh (or any NGons) to Max as both FBX/Collada makes edge artifacts (‘overlapped’ concave surfaces). Triangulation is the only way but that makes no sense for a pipeline.

(MACHIN3) #1491

What happens if you recreate the troubled n-gons in max. Do they then work without the overlaps?

(AlmaTalp) #1492

That is not an option unfortunately for obvious reasons. Same mesh created (with NGons) and exported from Max works perfectly in Blender (also in Marmoset).

(MACHIN3) #1493

Why? What happens?

If you would upload the maya and blender fbx, people could actually check the files out.

(AlmaTalp) #1494

If I recreate it by the original Blender model (cap both sides) the same happens.
I meant the ‘not an option’ argument for a misunderstanding (by me); first I thought it was a suggestion to have a workaround, my bad. I will upload the fles soon; it is Max, not Maya.

(AlmaTalp) #1495

Here are the files (Blender, FBX, Max 2012).

Possible it is a triangulation problem with the order of vertices what Blender makes wrong during the export.Error triangulation NGon export from Blender.zip (119.3 KB)

(chippwalters) #1496

Hey folks. I’ve got a fairly complete Boxcutter 2D manual set up at Big Little Tips

Might be worth taking a look at if you’re wanting to learn more about Boxcutter.

(Ruka Drezard) #1497

Newest Blender builds seem to break DECALmachine… :frowning: anyone using newest Boxcutter version and DM together?

(MACHIN3) #1498

DECALmachine supports the latest stable release, which is 2.79b.

If you are adventurous, you can make DM work with the experimental builds like this.

(masterxeon1001) #1501

crosses fingers please dont crash please dont crash.

(bkjernisted) #1502

Can the new releases of hard ops and boxcutter be used with the newest 2.79 daily build or 2.79b. Which will be more stable. Thanks

(masterxeon1001) #1503

buildbot. users have reported issues with 2.79b.