Hard Ops Thread


(Rob) #1609

Wow! Awesome release!! :smiley:

But is it me, or am I missing a way to add all the modifiers, like in the previous version?
or has the workflow changed? So much new stuff in the release notes :wink:


(masterxeon1001) #1610

I don’t think we ever put all the modifiers and the pre-emptive modifier state was something we started doing in the 2.8 era.

You can stack array bevel and solidify on the shape while you’re working. Thats never changed.

(Rob) #1611

Sorry, my post wasn’t entirely proper.
What I meant was, there was a ‘apply modifiers’ button in the N-panel, but it seems to be gone now.

Or am I completely wrong with this?


(masterxeon1001) #1612

it has been made more prominent.

(Rob) #1613

Ahh… I see.

Didn’t pick that up the first time


(masterxeon1001) #1614

i should have mentioned it better in the docs. Ill do that.

(Kouza Nagi) #1615

Hi, great release edit mode behavior is fantastic…I love it.
I did something don’t know what, I have my box Cut rotated (may be a grid stuff ) there is a way to initialize box in default behavior ??

(masterxeon1001) #1616

alignment is something we’re working as well however the recommended solution for wayward solutions is the cursor.

For cursor orientation to work the 3d cursor must be enabled to orient to geometry.

Alt + W starts boxcutter but it also toggles orientation modes between world and surface.
With shift + right click cursor placement it is possible to use the cursor for starting orientation.

This was the reason alt + W was adjusted to also accommodate snapping as a toggle on it as well since it would be more useful until we add different auto alignment systems.

(Nomo) #1617

What do you think about being able to rotate the cut shape orientation with scroll wheel or ctrl right click drag (similar to Sculpt/Paint workflow suite. I think being able to rotate the shape after activation could offer more intuitive experience.

(masterxeon1001) #1618

it should be more intuitive after this next developmental stage. G S R would be a start. But also visuals for it would also help immensely. The ctrl + scroll idea is interesting come to think of it. I could see it dollying the shape and keeping that aspect as well. That is a viable idea worthy of consideration.

(sinistergfx) #1619

Boxcutter bug: when the add-on is enabled, I can’t ctrl + click to Pick Shortest Path. Disabling the add-on restores the expected behavior. I double-checked with all other user add-ons disabled to make sure there wasn’t a conflict.

(masterxeon1001) #1620

fixed. the markets have been updated to resolve this issue. Sorry about that.

(kelheor) #1621

Please, can you add a fix to be able to disable Alt-W for showing cursor grid?
One careless pressing of this hotkey when boxcutter is active and I have to manually disable gizmo and change cursor to object again and again. Now using Boxcutter is a pain.

Here’s the video: https://youtu.be/cryb8drC73E

I don’t know the reason for this, maybe my navigation keymap is not fully compatible with BoxCutter (I’m using Alt-Left mouse click for rotating, so for example, I already can’t rotate view when boxcutter shape is active).

(Dheim) #1622

Blockquote (I’m using Alt-Left mouse click for rotating, so for example, I already can’t rotate view when boxcutter shape is active).

If you update the add-on this should be working now. I use that control as well and there was a silent patch pushed out to fix it.

(masterxeon1001) #1623

fixed. the alt _ w is a pref now in the behavior under image
Sorry about that. I had slight doubts in that idea. I should have thought harder on it.

(kelheor) #1624

Thanks! It works now.

(masterxeon1001) #1625

glad to resolve!

(mzprox) #1626

Hi, I thought I’d give a feedback on boxcutter… I’m not a power user, for me every release is like a new app completely, and i understand that it is not finished.
First it is really great, good job!
now stuff I miss or recommend adding if it isn’t already there and I just missed it…
-ability to move/rotate the colored shapes, to adjust them precisely. maybe allow grid/vertex snapping. I know that shift release leaves the cutting object editable…so maybe that’s the intended workflow.
-Ability to edit the shape before applying the cut, moving corners, bevel specific corners… it was a feature once… again not a big deal as in the above case leaving and editing the cut shape can give the same result just a bit less convenient.
-what about z axis array? or fre rotation of the array… or circular array set up… that would be cool.
-since I don’t use the tool too often i wouldn’t mind if my screen would be full of shortcut reminders, helps

Lastly I know this is not really usefull for you but I encountered an error twice which after happening could only be resolved by restarting blender… icant just reproduce it and I don’t have a screenshot, it was about a missing type or something… if it happens again I will take a screenshot.

(masterxeon1001) #1627

all these things are in the next phase. So we should be coming back with the classics in these next updates. We had to rethink every previous system in 2.8 so the migration has been more extended. As we fight through we’re enhancing things as we go but now is wdgets and drawing which should bring back the functionality. Circulars and snapping / orientations and even predraw alignment tools are on the radar so we hope to bring this stuff back promptly but we needed to get the core back.

We did add help to the workspace tab this recent release.

Our biggest competitor is our 2.79 counterpart. I know in time we’ll be far past it. But i do miss points and dots. The shift for shape is a workaround in the meantime till we finish a shape edit mode but its a popular request. GSR will be present in the future along with gizmos to help position and rotate things. Im already planning for repeat shape to keep rotation as well but the features will come in time.

The workspace help is a temp solution until we can come up with a more elegant, useful and versataille help system for users but we hope to make the help more useful and expand on services for new users.

Of course thank you for your feedback. Every comment strengthens the product.

(LuCa) #1628

Magister…you are #ONE!!..alla via così