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(Bohdan Lvov) #1629

btw, is it just me, or sometimes beveling and\or q-ing if circle fails giving this error?

usually after box cutting were used https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8g2JPqOgSVU
And you can’t use circle cutter until restart of the Blender

(masterxeon1001) #1630

there has been an update pushed to fix this issue. Redownload and it should resolve. Thanks for finding that! its so rare. But the latest should fix that.

(Bohdan Lvov) #1631

whoa, that was quick.

(masterxeon1001) #1632

the goal of this release was to be much more stable so thanks for that report!
That error was so hard to locate but it should be gone. So initial circle bevelling is a go.

(icyou520) #1633

@masterxeon1001 Just bought HardOps and BoxCutter bundle. So far I am loving it.

However. I would like some basic tutorials to get me started. You have so many videos on your page not sure where to start, and the only beginner tutorials I can find are a year or two old (not sure if they are out of date) on others pages.

Where do you recommend I start?

(masterxeon1001) #1634

the new user intro is recommended for boxcutter however I need to make new content for the 711 release as well as an updated intro.

For HardOps its a larger playlist however I plan to do a new playlist for the 2.8 era.

I am uploading a video as I type this about Boxcutter showing a demo.

These videos were intended to walk users into Boxcutter through each boxtype as it is being added.
Now come to think of it. Its time for a 711 : Its purple time video.

I know its a mess. I tried to make up for boxcutter’s lack of support with additional documentation in the update logs.

(Kouza Nagi) #1635


Neutral Grey Box (allows for make box when nothing is selected and drawn on the ground floor) this is really nice, but why only on the floor? if you stay locked in ortho view ?? i try but i have error message.

(NinthJake) #1636

I think I found a bug with Boxcutter 711. Using “Slice” mode in boxcutter while in “Destructive” mode the slice gets deleted after you confirm the cut. Non-destructive mode works as expected. Can anyone confirm?

(masterxeon1001) #1637

@Kouza_Nagi there should be a newer update in the markets that resolve that.

@NinthJake we’ll get that resolved asap.

(radi0n) #1638

Ok i give up! How to move active locked cutter.
In older versions it worked with “G” now does not work.

(z01ks) #1639

Hey Masterxeon! Would it be possible to expose all the different Boxcutter hotkeys so we can assign our own? I’m a real creature of comfort when it comes to hotkeys and I want everything to be on the left side of the keyboard. So keys such as K and O are way too far for me to bother to reach for them. Thanks!

(masterxeon1001) #1640

thats coming soon! Its planned.

(masterxeon1001) #1641

@Pinhead shift to live and you are able to move it with regular tools at the moment. We’re working on the locked shape movement / rotation systems.


@z01ks You can also tap E or F to cause the extrusion to go the other way as an alternative to O, activating BC the first time in Edit mode sets the mode to Knife.

Not ideal but significantly easier. Ofcourse we are our biggest critics (masterxeon1001 especially so) the next update aims to resolve these issues and more.

(masterxeon1001) #1643

(kelheor) #1644

A little remark, related to KitOps integration.
When I’m opening KitOps from HardOps menu, the popup window remains in the center of a screen, when I’m adding insert mesh, which makes correct placement much harder. Can you make it closeable?

Or maybe set initial position to the left of the screen.

(Rob) #1645

Thanks for the video again.

So many possibilities with Boxcutter!
Didn’t realize you can cut the cutter until I saw that. :slight_smile:
Slowly getting the hang of all the (new) features, modeling is fun again :slight_smile:


Edit: I’m pretty sure I’ve read about this before, but my cutters stay in the scene after applying the modifiers. I’ve tried several options in the addon, but so far no luck. It’s PEBKAC for sure… :wink:

Edit 2: It might be a good idea to have a separate thread for Boxcutter? I know Boxcutter & HOps are more ore less ‘joined at the hip’, but now it’s often hard to find something in this massive thread.

(eobet) #1646

Yes! It seems that insets also works on subdivision surfaces, which is amazing.

Will you produce a super beginner tutorial with this new 2.8 version?

I just bought it and created an inset (by watching your video… I would never have figured it out otherwise, since it is so hotkey heavy).

But I accidentally managed to create an “outset” instead, and now I want to push it inwards. Since this is non-destructive, how do I access the inset I already added and push/pull it?

Thanks for a great plugin!

(eobet) #1647

Similar newbie question:

When I draw an ngon, double click to accept and then move to extrude it, finally click to accept again, I get a hole in my model instead of a filled in cut. What did I do wrong?

Is there a way to access a menu and change the type of cut?

(Rob) #1648

You probably started in ‘Cut’ mode. While in that mode, you can press Z to switch to ‘Inset’.
Than T to start adjusting the inset.
I’m not sure if you can switch modes after accepting, but I don’t think so.

And regarding your previous question, just pop open the webpage for Boxcutter and start reading halfway down at ‘Basic Usage’. And watch new intro video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oycSgUn9rD0