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(eobet) #1649

Well, I discovered that you can access all the previous cuts by going to the “Cuts” collection, which was very nice. I also was able to change the “outset” to an “inset” by changing the boolean type that Boxcutter generated… but I did so using “standard” Blender functions, so I hope I’m missing the faster shortcuts that Boxcutter provides on this.

But because Boxcutter still uses Blender’s booleans, I think it also has Blender’s bugs when it comes to subtracting them? I’ll try to add the problematic parts to this message, and see if someone more experienced can take a look at them to either confirm the bug, or tell me what I’m missing!

boolean-bug.blend (730.7 KB)

(masterxeon1001) #1650

thats not a bug. Bisect needs to be removed from the mirror because it causes this.

Use modifier instead. https://youtu.be/EAgYEjZNnpA?t=356
If your true mesh has a huge hole in it. This will happen. Your true mesh must be manifold now. Also you had a doubles that needed to be merging so double trouble.

Here’s the proper way to fix it.

In 79 bisect was the best way to handle a bad situation. But modifier in 2.8 supports the new mirror modifier instead of bisect which is much much more stable and you can cut near the mirror junction and even across without issue.

When using the mirror tool. Modifier is the first one. Use that one. Bisect is probably gonna be removed / hidden in next release since its turned into a gotcha. And so many people love bisect even though it causes half mesh syndrome.

(masterxeon1001) #1651

i use shift + ~ to find holes. I have it mapped to select boundary. Which I use to find holes.
If you have boolean errors.
Find the holes. And the doubles. And then overlaps.

(eobet) #1652

Oh, wow, I was sitting here fixing my embarrasing doubles as you posted, sorry for that, but what you did is brilliant. Thank you for much for the super detailed information! That’s a lot for me to digest and take in, so I will do that now. :heart_eyes:

(masterxeon1001) #1653

thanks for providing a file to check out! Its so much easier that way sometimes!

(eobet) #1654

Is there a non destructive way to get a different material on insets? Perhaps even different material on the offset surface & the side surfaces?

Also, I’m searching for the shortcut to show all cutters and select to edit them, but I’m not finding it. When I manually select them from the collection they have black outlines, but in your videos they are blue, so I bet I’m missing something!

(masterxeon1001) #1655

i didnt even think… of that. Ill add that to the todo.
Currently we have material cut only supporting slicing with users being able to press M during yellow to cycle through materials.

(Rob) #1656


Asked this before today, but it is a bit of a headache atm:

My cutters stay in the scene after applying the modifiers. I’ve tried several options in the addon, but so far no luck. It’s PEBKAC for sure… :wink:

And it might be a good idea to have a separate thread for Boxcutter? I know Boxcutter & HOps are more ore less ‘joined at the hip’, but now it’s often hard to find something in this massive thread.


(masterxeon1001) #1657

you might have a point about the thread. But BA can be a battlefield.
The deleting cutters on apply should have been in the last version. Its on the list and has been
brought up multiple times. We’ve migrated more to discord for support since its realtime. But also the communication points i get hit from with suggestions is immense so the simplicity is somewhat beneficial.

(Rob) #1658

No worries, as long as I know it’s not me doing something completely silly :wink:
Just added the channel to my Discord user.

But I can imagen you have your hands full with all this.


(eobet) #1659

I’m going to dare to post another iteration of my file, probably again exposing something super common with Blender booleans, but I’ll risk it… :grimacing:

The boolean made with the first Cutter object. If I move it ever so slightly it cuts fine, but when it is perfectly aligned to the surface I want to cut, it stops working. What rule am I breaking now? :slight_smile:

boolean-bug2.blend (935.1 KB)

(Rob) #1660

Just select it and move it up a bit. Done! :wink:

(eobet) #1661

Right, but then I don’t get a perfect cut. :stuck_out_tongue:

(masterxeon1001) #1662

this will not work anymore in 2.8

(masterxeon1001) #1663

bisect mirror is gonna make you miserable. You gotta use the live modifier version with a solid mesh in order for booleans to work better. Otherwise its gonna be hard mode.

(eobet) #1664

Ok, thanks again! I must admit I was using only Boxcutter and not HardOps, but I’ll install it for the live mirror then. :slight_smile:

Another question/suggestion regarding the inset functionality… is it possible to control the draft angle?

(masterxeon1001) #1665

tell me about this draft angle.

(Shunke) #1666

Gizmo in Boxcutter seem to be not working.
I’m using latest version of Boxcutter and Blender 2.8.
I tried reinstalling the add-on and loading the factory setting but still doesn’t work.

When Gizmo is active the Topbar menu disappears and non of the cuts can’t be excuted.
Gizmo’s manipurator is unresponsive and cannot move or rotate.
Gizmo can’t be turned off so the only way to make Boxcutter work again is to restart Blender.

Is this may be I use right-click to select?
When I factory resetted blender, it seemed work for a while
( I could move the gizmo but rotation didn’t work).
After changing the selection to right-click it doesn’t work again.

It’s a great tool without the Gizmo, but I sometimes hit Alt-W when Boxcutter is active
and that turns on the Gizmo so I hope the problem to be solved soon.

Thank you.

(masterxeon1001) #1667

we made the gizmo a toggle in the latest update so users can turn that off. That was a bad choice on my part. Thats an advanced option that needs to be activated now.


also are you on a mac?

edit- could be the configuration differences. I’ll check into that.

(eobet) #1668

A picture is worth a thousand words :slight_smile:


Draft angles is necessary in all plastic injection molding and quite a lot of metal manufacturing too.

Also, they look cool. :slight_smile: