Hard Ops Thread


(rrtk) #1709

You can create new hotkey entry for bc with hotkey you prefer then uncheck (but don’t delete) alt W one.

(brothermechanic) #1710

Hello, @masterxeon1001
In Select Tool mode mirror tool works cool, but
in Transform Tool mode mirror tool works like a bug.
Is this normal?

(rrtk) #1711

this is a problem with python gizmos(they don’t work well with others), it is reported

If you update hops there is a hack to prevent that now.

(Michael Knubben) #1712

The Active Tool tab is only displayed when you’ve got the tool selected, the N panel’s tab is always there, which will lead to the same problem previous Blender versions had: a million tabs, a million panels.
As I understood it, the Topbar and Active Tool tab are meant to be two ways to access the same thing, which suits me fine as I don’t like the Topbar much.

(Dan Söderlind) #1713


So i am having the problem that when i click to drag a box and cut it lags (single frames) and up on finishing the cut it’s back to normal speed 30+ whatever !?
And this even with a new scene one box

16gb ram
nvidia gtx960 4gb vram
ryzen 7 2700x


(Dan Söderlind) #1714

Aaand a fix for that was resetting the startup file !
Who says self medication is bad.

(masterxeon1001) #1715

aw snap. I gotta add that to the support section haha. Glad you got it resolved before I could even make it home!

(Michael W) #1716

I keep getting box cutter failing… it seems to keep switching to world alignment or cursor alignment. It works in object alignment.

It seems to fall over getting the rotation of the 3d cursor

My build is from 2019-02-27 hash 168d3fd528c4
Box cutter betascythe PHASE: inset Talon

Any ideas?

After every object oriented cut it defaults to cursor on completion too.

(Gfx Manx) #1717

I just love the inserts, but would it be possible to add your own inserts ?

(obsurveyor) #1718

As far as I understand KitOps has replaced Hard Ops inserts. They’ve released the Hard Ops classic inserts for KitOps as well, so who knows, maybe they’ll eventually be taken out in favor of that.

(Gfx Manx) #1719

Ok I see. I have to investigate a little more.

(masterxeon1001) #1720

Boxcutter has been updated to fix orientation glitches with today’s build.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

(Michael W) #1721

Ah thanks! i was just about to post that line 49 in ray.py should read:
cursor = context.scene.cursor_rotation_quaternion.to_matrix().to_4x4()


(MACHIN3) #1722

Not anymore lol.

(eobet) #1723

So I’m trying to get into the “hops_mirror”, but I find it not agreeing with the 2.8 gizmo:

This is just a box I added, with the mirror, some loop cuts and then I tried to move some edges…

I know that hardops is all about the shortcuts and basically no interface, but I’m a beginner, I need my visual cues. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Oh, there’s something going on here… how weird…

(masterxeon1001) #1724

if any other gizmo is up the mirror will have issues. This is a bug with 2.8 we hope will improve in the future. After that the mirror should work properly.
Also we have much interface planned. 2.8 send us back to the drawing board but we’re coming back in a big way…

That mesh probably has a modifier which is making it look odd in object mode. CTRL + ~ is the hops helper which lets you see modifiers etc.

(eobet) #1725

That example only has a bevel modifier that I added via the Q menu.

I tried to recreate the two glitches via the default scene, but only managed one of them:


As you say, the mirror seems to work properly. It’s just a visual thing so far.

(masterxeon1001) #1726

when modifier is used as is shown here a modifier mirror is added. This means one side of the mesh is gonna be fake.

This toggle means its gonna show in edit mode. Over what the true mesh is. Just something to keep in mind.

(eobet) #1727

Got it, that’s pretty cool…

…aaaaalthough, the moment I use boxcutter, that button no longer works and I see the full shape all the time in edit mode. Is that another visual bug, or is hardops+boxcutter made to be used in object mode exclusively?

(masterxeon1001) #1728


sort modifiers should be engineered for that. unless im misunderstanding the issue