Hard Ops Thread


(Nomo) #1791

I like to live on the edge. Also I’ve been using helper to change my material settings because like you, I’m a fan of the full screen mode workflow. Changing settings like Sheen, Color, etc cannot be undone if done via helper. This is not the case when using properties view.

(masterxeon1001) #1792

in edge mode haha. we’ll def get that checked into!

(masterxeon1001) #1793


I just installed HardOps and BoxCutter, and now Machin3tools is not opening with Tab… I don’t see any conflicts in the HardOps or BoxCutter keymaps… Is something else going on that is screwing with my Machin3tools install?

(Bohdan Lvov) #1795

Did you uninstall HOPS and Boxcutter before installing an update? By some reason on latest builds of Blender it doesn’t work as expected if you didn’t remove addon first


Nope… Didn’t have them installed. Just Machin3tools and a couple other addons. Mt was the only thing using Tab from what I can tell…

(masterxeon1001) #1797

im sure machin3 hears your cries. He submitted some things to this release as well so he might be needing to do a syntax update as well but I keep close to vanilla so I dont use MT personally since im still getting used to 2.8 itself.


Oh, thanks master… I just updated to today’s 2.8 build before installing HO and BC… and also, after disabling MT in prefs, I can’t get it enabled (installed) again. It gives a mod.register() error… Should I try rolling back to an earlier build?

(masterxeon1001) #1799

bingo. its a thing right now. 2.8 is a bucking broncho. We’re meeting daily to assess the damages of meteor showers.


D’oh!.. Where the hell is a list of daily builds, so I can go back about a week or so? I can only find latest…

(masterxeon1001) #1801

due to the syntax stuff thats risky too.

  • euler stuff
  • cursor.location
  • 3d cursor changes
  • bl tool id changes

2.8 is a burning thread. People like Jama tell me they stay at a moment in time and ignore updates. I would probably be the same way if I wasnt dealing with tools and #b3d. But we opt to be compatible always than have specific builds we’re locked to. But 2.8 is a rocking horse… of awesome.


Otay. Thanks again… er… master. Lucky for you I need HOps and BCutter more than MT! Maybe machin3 will have a fix soon, if one is indeed needed because of something being recently broken. And dude, I am very encouraged that you seem to be on-it, like a pretty-bonnet! I like that in a plug dev, fo sho. :wink:

(Nitram_2000) #1803

I too have this problem. I didn’t think it was a conflict with HO and BC. I mentioned it to Machin3 in the Machin3Tools thread.

(Nitram_2000) #1804

You should really check out Machin3Tools. It’s a brilliant addon. Mapped a few pies to my mouse and BOOM, the speed of everything has increased to the nth degree.

Not that I’m fast anyway, lol.


Oh lord. I feel so stoopid. I just checked and sure enough there is a new MT (3.08)… I installed that and am good-to-go now. Sorry guys!

Edit: Guys, how does one apply all HO or BC operations with one click?.. Or can’t they? I promise to watch vids and learn both properly, and thoroughly, but I need to bang out a mesh real quick like that has a ton of cuts, thus the HO/BC purchase (which I am already in love with btw).

(MACHIN3) #1806

There are no issues with the latest MACHiN3tools and the latest Blender. If you have some, report them if you can reproduce them on a factory reset Blender only.


As I said right above, I am g-t-g with Machin3tools now. 3.08 is working perfectly. Thanks MACHIN3!

Finally found the Apply Modifiers button. :wink:

(Nitram_2000) #1808

Will do man. I’ll check it out again on Monday when I get a chance.

(Oleg Stepanov) #1809

Hi @masterxeon1001

It seems there is some strange flip axis bug with mirror modifier (Git-9099305771ec-18-Mar)

P.S. I’m new to Hard Ops, so maybe I’m doing something wrong :sweat_smile:

(masterxeon1001) #1810

usually i do that type of mirroring with 2 objects. when I do that the objects are usually close to the axial line. I wonder whats causing that.