Hard Ops Thread

Hello I am facing a weird issue, after using smart apply/ apply all modifiers all of my booleans vanish… the mesh just returns to its original shape. I am not sure if I am missing something or a bug?
Here is a small video to demonstrate the issue…
HardopsIssue.wmv (2.1 MB)

you using the latest blender? Part of our recent issues involve not applying objects. So Im always on the lookout for that. However smart apply should work differently for non csharp meshes. For your situation I would use apply modifiers in the add mod menu.

However me may need to add support for applying vgroup but thats not as easy as it sounds. And stretches csharp a little farther than its initial scope.

The issue comes down to booleans nuking groups as the above video shows.

Nowadays I work a little more free (outside of Csharpen) similar to the above video. Hope that gives more insight to what is going on there.

I use the sorting feature to avoid the conflict between boolean and bevel…so the second case is less likely to happen… also using apply all modifiers produces same result

I did use only two objects. The subtility here is that the Slash technically works, but the “remaining” part is not showing up in the current scene, but is placed in the default one.
Edit: oops, gif got resized… Trying to get you a better one
Edit2: shoud be better now

Can you use maybe the new daily build beta for blender 2.8 …

In case that was aimed to me, i did try with the latest build too. (Not on the gif though, as the error is the same i opened the Blender install that was the closest to my mouse pointer :stuck_out_tongue: )

@masterxeon1001 Seems like skipping the csharpen(as per your second video) solves the issue of booleans. I believe the issue is somehow tied to the way csharpen operates.

CSharpen can control it’s actions, such as which modifiers it applies, maybe that is coming into effect? Have you tried altering those settings?


I found a bug
Hidden geometry don’t mirrored!

Please fix it

thanks for the report!

Hi @masterxeon1001 The New releases from HOPS and BoxCutter were awesome! Thank you for your good work.

I think i found a bug on BoxCutter, when apply a cut it erases the bevel i had in the mesh.


booleans end weight and vgroups at this time in 2.8.
or at least messes up the data for it.

I see. Thank you ! HOps difference seems to work well anyway.

however there might be something to this as i look deeper. we’ll get to the bottom of this.

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Pretty Sure everything will be fine! I know as 2.8 isn’t released yet a lot of things could change. There’s any way to rotate the Cutter on the fly,without pressing SHIFT and rotating the mesh after?


not yet but we hope to add it back quickly when we get to widget and drawing.
custom shape is the only shape with a 90 degree rotate with ~ or R at this moment during draw.

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Hi thanks for such an amazing product. Really enjoying it. Got Box Cutter to try but I’m having an issue using it. Any idea what this is? Happens every time I try to drag mouse across mesh.

Update Blender.