Hard Poles?

Noobish modeling question: I’m making a robot for a bit of closeup animation (fanart, in case you recognize it), and on the fingertips I have a bit that’s going to be in the model 12 times (4 per finger), all quads, but with a 13-edge pole. I’ve seen a lot of “poles with more than 5 edges are bad”, but it seems to be all about soft stuff, or at least curved – this is flat and rigid, and isn’t supposed to deform at all when rigged.

Although I’m going to use it in Blender exclusively, I intend to make it freely available (non-commercial use, of course), and I’d like it to be as portable as feasible. Is this going to be enough trouble that I should rework it? If so, I’d appreciate advice on the best arrangement of faces.

DUM-E Finger 006.blend (464 KB)

Of the two in the image, top one has two triangles less than the bottom one. But as it’s on a flat surface it doesn’t matter, and you haven’t mentioned anything that would require to do it otherwise.

The .blend didn’t have any images packed in and the file wasn’t set to be compressed. How to do those, link in my signature.

As long as its a flat surface an n-gon is for the most part a-ok. Also don’t shy away from using creasing though control loops are still good.


Thanks guys, much appreciated!