Hard road to nowhere - WC#100 entry

I don’t want to miss this WC, so I created this image. It was done in about 3 hours, most of it went into lighting. I’m not completely statisfied, but no time. No materials on this one neither, except on the lamp’s emiting part and the road. C&C welcome, thanx.


I love teh idea but it seems you used alot of fractal subdividing if im correct…Its a good idea and such but the fractal really bothers me…It just looks kind of messy IMO. I love the lamps and the background though, it has a great feeling. Just kind of messy, like I said, lol.

How did you do the background?

Ok, concept render:
This is how I originaly wanted it (ofcourse with AA and more OA samples), I like this one better, but my gf liked the other one better, so I chose that one, but it’s not too late.


The background is onw of M@dcow’s textures, thanks M@dcow for that.

No fractal subdivide was used, but lot’s of endi’s caleidoscope modelling :slight_smile:

I agree with your gf. :smiley: The more exotic a shot like this one is, the better it plays out. This certainly is a “hard road to nowhere.” A pure-fantasy scene that does not try to be anything else, with plenty of interesting shapes and textures. Very pleasing.

I like the first one lots. blue, grey and silver colors seem to work very well together.

Yes, the first one is greater.