hard sculpt noob prob please help me

This is a model for a project very near and dear to my heart. I feel like I may have messed it up and want some input before I continue as to not add to the damage. I got pinching or something on the top and I left the concept art I drew up which ive used as guide in ortho if u size the image right. the ear parts are a little messed up aswell. whole thing is hard modeled , I am better at sculpting but was hoping to avoid topology as I have yet to dive into it. thanks to everyone , and thanks for letting me be a part of your great community here on cgcookie. I think what im asking help with is how can I clean this mesh up? ive included the .blend file

blende file : christalla .blend (730 KB)

if that doesn’t work for the blend file you may download it from my cgcookie uploads, here is a direct link to it : http://community.cgcookie.com/uploads/default/2280/bc22f21263a61900.blend

Some vertices are very close to mirror plane at the front and whole faces locked on it at the back. Mirror modifier clipping option locks them when vertices get moved on the mirror plane. Object scale is not 1,1,1 so the mesh dimensions are very different of what you see in the viewport, and mirror merge value is only true for roughly 10 times bigger object. Ctrl+A -> scale to apply scale. It also has unapplied rotation but it’s rotated along X so it doesn’t disturb the mirror modifier. Move the mesh along X away from the mirror plane a bit which makes faces close to mirror plane bigger, disable clipping and move some more and you get a gap. W -> smooth can help moving geometry apart on the center parts. Could do clean up, enable clipping again and move center vertices back on the mirror plane. The mesh is not properly constructed and without a word about topology, keeping the helmet as separate geometry from the head/face would help.

You could do head first and then model/retopo all the rest.

I agree that you should make separate models, and then retopo if you really need to have a single continuous one.

On the subject of retopo, as you mention

I am better at sculpting

To avoid proportion and shape problems on your head model, why not start with a base quick sculpt and simply retopo it ?
It’s much easier to avoid those mesh problems and create some workable topology.

And once you have your retopo, no more need of the sculpt and you can edit it to your needs.

I’m no good at “big eyed” characters , but a quick example, with dyntopo , i make fast base without much details out of the necessary

Then i just retopo, with the snapping tool, don’t remember the shrinkwrap modifier can help too when you “relax” a bit the vertices.

Then once your base retopo is done, just model manually remaining details and see with subsurf how it looks
http://i.imgur.com/xPYyrX5.jpg http://i.imgur.com/bRGsunY.jpg

From then you can model the helmet/ear gear separately as Eppo did

This technique is very good, a quick tutorial about it, will be great to community.
But i prefer low-poly technique.
ok lets try (old-school).
Merge-limit 0.01

Command to align lines … trying make parallel lines (horizontal and vertical symmetric).
Select Lines to align and digit = S+Z+0 (zero) (scale+coordinate Z+Location “0”)
So many lines … try “less” lines.

Nice References.
Low-Poly+Try.blend (1.23 MB) - is a exemple only.:yes:
“sry poor-English rocks” lel.
happy blend !