Hard Surface animated piece

This started as a late-night hard-surface modeling doodle and it’s turning into an animated piece of its own.

It’s been a fun experience so far somewhat different in terms of workflow from my usual C4D motion graphic type of work. Nonetheless, I’m also including some particles and other mograph pieces exported as Alembic from C4D.

Addons used are Fluent, some Hardops (mostly for the handy radial array and curve features), Vshade, and Photographer. Rendered with eCycles.

A previs of one of the shots


Nice work bro, do you have different animation videos it says “No video with supported format and MIME type found” but I can see your previs on your Twitter though.

Already looks amazing, but might I recommend JSplacement? I think that it could compliment this work nicely.

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Thanks! Strange the video didn’t work, good to hear Twitter worked :+1:

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Thank you, @HISEROD

I’ve used JSpacement before, it’s a nice tool indeed.


Oh it seems that the video is fixed now, I think you or twitter fixed it.

Moving forward with the other parts.
This time, with some C4D Mograph and xParticles rendered with eCycles.

And I’m almost done with this piece:


That second thing reminds me of a quantum computer.


That’s the idea :wink:

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Time for another update. I’m now re-working the first shots.
Initially, I had this

Phoenixart on Twitter: “Started as a quick #hardsurface exercise is now turning into a short animation piece. Made in #b3d with Fluent addon by @RudyMichau #blender #Blender3d #scifi https://t.co/u9Qig31TwH” / Twitter

But I didn’t feel happy with it so I’m now doing it from scratch and I think the look it’s definitely better this time — @HISEROD with some subtle touch of JSplacement texture :wink:

Of course, nothing final. Most likely some more CC will happen in post and the camera angle will change in animation.


Another update

I’ve also started on the sound editing (and so I’m learning Fairlight)

I’m rendering more shots but some are revealing to be tricky as render time goes.

The whole look is based on a dark environment lit with just one or two lights or just an emitter. On top of that, there’s glass as in the screenshot above. This is not an ideal case scenario and the renders take a long time to be done. And still, they’re not 100% clean, unfortunately.

The scene above is about 20 min per frame, mostly because of the glass material.
With Redshift, it takes a couple of minutes but I want to keep everything in Cycles.

I wish Cycles had some wicked trickery to deal with this type of situation. Maybe Redshift takes less time because is biased.

Perhaps @bliblubli can do some other dark magic for glass and low-light scenes? :slight_smile:

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The composition is excellent

Thank you, @Null_Dispatch!

This project slowed down a bit, quite busy with other work but I hope to post more stuff soon.